3 reasons why regional construction main contractors experience stalled growth


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Regional construction main contractors are always looking for growth opportunities.

Each year the aim is to secure bigger clients and boost annual revenues. Many also have ambitions to grow into new regions while attracting the best talent to aid expansion.

However, there are 3 standout reasons why they may be experiencing stalled growth.

Reason 1 – Reliance on existing workflows/technology

New projects lead to new challenges for the project and on-site teams.

The project teams employ their existing workflows and technologies in an attempt to deliver projects that are growing in scale, complexity & risk. Too often, they struggle to deliver projects on time and on budget.

This damages a regional main contractor’s reputation. And, it affects their chances of securing similar projects in the future.

Reason 2 – Lack of coordination

With bigger projects, the project teams are expected to coordinate better with their management, their on-site teams and sub-contractors. This is important to ensure that projects are on track.

They use several communication channels like email, text, document management system etc. to keep the information flow going between different parties. With smaller projects, the volume of information exchange is manageable. But, in the new scenario, the amount of project data quickly overwhelms the project teams.

They end up spending a lot of time sifting through data spread across several platforms. If the data is not up to date, it adds to their workload. This takes time away from the project delivery, which leads to project delays.

The contractor ends up falling short of client expectations.

Reason 3 – Right talent

The new projects require experienced project managers to deliver them. The regional contractors may be able to find the right people for the job. But, these new hires cannot overhaul the whole setup overnight.

If the existing setup is inefficient, they struggle to make progress. The on-site teams do not rise up to the challenge because of a lack of appropriate systems.

The management is not able to retain these experienced hires for long. They struggle to find a replacement while the project suffers.


The regional contractors have to address these growth hurdles to be able to meet their growth objectives.

First, they need to assess which of these reasons apply to their situation. They can then initiate change with some combination of people, process and technology.

As these changes produce positive results, they will get closer to their goals.


Are you are a regional contractor?

Do you feel that your growth may be stalled as a result of any of the reasons mentioned above?

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