MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools

MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools for MEP Designers

MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools are web applications that help users to select and configure the correct products for their projects’ needs. Once the desired product has been configured, it can be inserted directly into the MagiCAD or Revit project as a BIM object with correct technical information.

Quick and easy product configuration

Selection Tools are a simple, clear and accessible way of presenting complex MEP products. For example, the tool can suggest the correct product based on the user input. It can also configure or calculate the correct product measures and thus helping users to make the correct choice.

MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools display 3D product models, images and dimensional drawings. The users have access to the data visualisation with diagrams thus can make well informed decisions and increase their work efficiency.

Getting started in three simple steps

1. Download MagiCAD Connect For Revit | For AutoCAD

2. Open MagiCAD Cloud tab / MagiCAD Selection Tools

3. Configure and insert products into MagiCAD / Revit project

Once you have MagiCAD Connect installed, it adds MagiCAD tab to MagiCAD or Revit ribbon. When selection tool is started from MagiCAD Connect, the configured product can be inserted into MagiCAD or Revit project. Optionally, MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools can be started from the browser.

Download MagiCAD Connect for Revit ›
Download MagiCAD Connect for AutoCAD ›

MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools