Crenna MagiCAD Plugin

Selection software: Crenna MagiCAD Plugin
Discipline: Ventilation
Product types: Attenuators

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With Crenna’s unique plugin the users obtain a list of recommended silencers matching the requirements set for a specific project. When a silencer is chosen, the technical data and 3D-model appear in MagiCAD and the resulting theoretical sound attenuation can be monitored throughout the system. Forget the need of doing sound calculations and forget the tedious search for a suitable product in product catalogues, the plugin will do it for you.


Established 20 years ago, Crenna is today one of Sweden’s leading manufacturer of rectangular ducts and they also offer the widest range of silencers in Sweden. They aspire to always deliver highest quality and be flexible to their customers’ needs. Crenna work continuously to make improvements to reduce the environmental impact of various aspects of their business.