Digital Delivery for MagiCAD Construction Solutions


MagiCAD Group


With business continuity being more important than ever, MagiCAD Construction Solutions have created a bespoke Digital Delivery Solution for customers to take advantage of special pricing for short term software subscriptions. Having revamped our training and consultancy offering into smaller bitesize pieces, it’s easier than ever to get started with our software and be more agile in today’s changing business landscape.

By packaging shorter terms, targeted training and added consultancy we’re now able to provide not only industry-specific onboarding but also separate by job roles and functions within the same company. This ensures that our delivery is bespoke and targeted to the users so every minute of onboarding is maximum value. For instance, with Cubicost Takeoff & Estimating we can provide separate packages for managers who are auditing work only, in contrast to users who will be creating and editing the data.

When creating online content for training it is important for us not to simply deliver the same training material, in the same format. Our approach leverages specific fundamentals of e-learning and adult education techniques to maximise information retention and enjoyment.

You can download the Digital Delivery brochure here to see our range of subscription, training and consultancy services!

Digital Delivery Brochure