26.04.2017 | By Mikko Lehtinen

3 ways how MagiCAD databases are different from others

MagiCAD databases offer unique value to Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) designers. The data content of our BIM objects is reliable, it covers all MEP calculation needs and the selection of manufacturer-verified BIM objects for MEP design is the largest in the world. Moreover, all of our BIM objects are optimised to offer excellent system performance even when used in large projects containing thousands of models.

1) Reliable data for calculations
What makes MagiCAD databases different is the fact that they are created by MEP designers for MEP design. MagiCAD BIM objects include comprehensive data for engineering calculations and they are all checked and approved by the manufacturers before they are published, making sure that each BIM object is a reliable representation of the real product. This provides MEP designers with the best possible basis for making informed engineering decisions and enables all the relevant, discipline-specific calculations based on real data.

2) Comprehensive selection of MEP products
MagiCAD offers the world’s most comprehensive selection of data-rich, manufacturer-verified BIM objects for MEP design, including more than 1,000,000 MEP product variants from over 230 manufacturers. BIM objects within the database are complete with accurate dimensions and technical data for MEP calculations.

3) Optimal performance even with large projects
MagiCAD databases are automatically optimised for extremely small size and yet they always carry a full set of technical data. Because of this, MagiCAD projects enable optimal system performance even when the project contains thousands of real-life products. To accommodate visualisation, MagiCAD offers a very detailed, high-resolution preview of each product in the database browser, providing an accurate visual impression of how the product looks in real life. When the product is loaded into a project, MagiCAD automatically optimises the BIM object for use, retaining the same physical dimensions, characteristics and technical data as the high-resolution preview, but requiring considerably less hard drive space. Compared to other database vendors whose BIM objects might not even contain data, MagiCAD models on the average require approximately 5 to 20 times less space per model, while still offering complete data.

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