02.03.2017 | By Justina Li
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As technology continues to advance, workplace processes and tools in Swedish companies need to be developed. NIBE is going one step further when it comes to design and is focusing its attention on the Finnish design platform, MagiCAD, for 3D modelling of building projects.

The planning and design of systems for properties are two key elements in the preparation of a successful heat pump installation. MagiCAD is a software designed for the CAD programs Revit and AutoCAD with an emphasis on the construction industry. It is the preferred BIM platform (Building Information Modelling) in the Nordic countries and includes products from the engineering, electronics and HVAC industries, which fit nicely with NIBE.


MagiCAD automatically gives access to MagiCloud – a multi-faceted library of hundreds of thousands of products in 3D format (designed for the HVAC industry). These files can be downloaded easily for use in local projects. The library currently contains over one million products for download from leading manufacturers. Each product and its technical data come straight from the respective manufacturer, which means direct access to relevant, real-life products. A powerful search tool makes it easy to find the product you are looking for. NIBE’s products are being drawn up at the time of writing and will eventually be available in the MagiCloud library. The aim is to give as many designers, engineers and other project partners access to NIBE’s products for use in projects across the globe. NIBE’s products have never been modelled in 3D (BIM format/models) before and this will complement AMA texts and file types like dwg and pdf.


MagiCAD is an asset in any kind of project, but it’s particularly suitable for buildings with multiple installations where seamless coordination is essential, for instance in major property projects. NIBE’s extensive product portfolio, with the NIBE F1345 as its flagship, is clear evidence that the company has become an increasingly strong player in the real estate market over the years. Jessica Mattsson, Project Manager for HVAC projects at WSP Sverige AB, has been working with CAD systems for eleven years. Her experience of working with 3D has been consistently positive and she believes that MagiCAD offers numerous advantages:

“This library of 3D product models lets you check whether real-life components are suitable for an installation, which simplifies every stage of the project process. Peer reviews are performed as the drawings are developed, since all consultants are continuously updating and changing models. The files can also be exported to other visualisation software that can be used in the construction phase, which benefits the entire chain.”

More recently, Jessica has been working on a number of larger HVAC projects for properties. She came into contact with NIBE a few years ago and has since worked with NIBE on several CAD and design projects. Jessica is certain that NIBE has made the right decision to add its products into the MagiCAD database because the future will be increasingly 3D.

This is an article from NIBE Expert news magazine

Footnote EN

In January 2019 we unified our brand under MagiCAD. Progman Oy and our subsidiary companies CADCOM AB and Progman Software UK Ltd, were renamed to MagiCAD Group. In addition to this, MagiCloud was renamed to MagiCAD Cloud.

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