18.05.2017 | By Arlinda Sipilä

This year’s Annual MagiCAD BIM Seminar, organized by Glodon Hong Kong in cooperation with Progman was held at the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong on May 10th. At the event, we introduced the latest European BIM technology to the Hong Kong market. The event provided a platform for Hong Kong’s top engineers to communicate with other BIM experts from Europe, provide feedback and learn how to develop BIM technology to fulfill the increasing demands of the Hong Kong construction industry. The best BIM engineers from over 20 leading companies participated. Companies included WSP, ARUP, AECOM and Arcadis among others. We also welcomed and were proud to have in attendance professors from the University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong and to discuss with them the direction of Hong Kong’s BIM development.


The Seminar included a mix of lectures, case studies and a technical demonstration through interaction with the participants. Discussions and demonstrations mainly revolved around the localization of BIM technology, the importance of a reliable and high quality database, the latest routing tools to facilitate design efficiency and more. Participants showed great interest about the functions which are rarely seen in the Hong Kong market such as, the provision for voids which can automatically create voids when there is a collision between the MEP system and buildings structure. We also demonstrated how MagiCAD handles calculations in the Revit environment – using real data embedded in MagiCAD’ s models. MagiCAD’s Support and Hanger application was also attractive to the Hong Kong market since it can make the model closer to reality in a quick and efficient way.

“BIM technology is all about communication – not only the communication among different engineers, but also, the communication of different building information,” said Brett Saxby, the BIM expert from Finland and the Asia-Pacific Area Manager atProgman. “That is what MagiCAD is doing. It islinking up different types of building information to provide the engineers a more real BIM picture and an easier way to design the MEP system. BIM does not need to be difficult. It should promote smart design, and by acquiring proven technologies such as MagiCAD, it can become a reality for Hong Kong construction industry in a short time.

The seminar focused on the communication among different stakeholders in the construction industry. In addition, it helped clarify specific demands of the Hong Kong market to BIM technology. This event is an opportunity to facilitate the exchange of opinions between Hong Kong and International experience. Moreover it allows Hong Kong’s BIM needs be heard. We thank all those that attended, and look forward to the next even larger event in the future.”