17.05.2017 | By Mikko Lehtinen

MagiCAD automates many complex and time-consuming design tasks, saving time in day-to-day design work, and shortening the total project run-through times on average by 30% or more.

MagiCAD increases efficiency on all levels of the company, providing benefits for business managers, CAD/BIM managers, designers and system administrators.

Business managers:

  • Increase productivity – Accomplish more billable projects with the same resources in the same period of time
  • Boost profitability – Higher margin per man-hour with over 30 % shorter average project run-though times
  • Maintain control – Less risk of schedule overruns, as less time is needed per project
  • Improve service – Satisfied project partners and customers through greater delivery quality and reliability
  • Benefit from using a global platform – MagiCAD is used in more than 70 countries internationally, making it easier to find project partners who use the same technology and enabling you to find experienced MagiCAD professionals across the world

CAD/BIM managers:

  • Meet BIM criteria – Projects designed with MagiCAD will meet even the most stringent BIM criteria, providing competitive advantage in tender processes when responding to specifications
  • Gain competitive edge – Adopting MagiCAD proactively will enable competitive advantage in relation to companies who cannot meet BIM requirements in tenders
  • Improve collaboration – Efficient management of interdisciplinary processes between project parties, such as coordination of builders work. Certified IFC 2×3 MEP Export and thorough BIM Collaboration Format BCFzip support enable reliable connectivity and collaboration between project partners
  • Improve workflow – Standardisation and more predictable internal processes, supporting more consistent workflows and implementation of best practices in the organisation
  • Outsource the library of BIM objects – A library of over 1,000,000 data-rich BIM objects for MEP design at your disposal, reducing the need for creating and maintaining your own libraries or for searching the web for suitable products
  • Ensure compatibility – Full integration with Autodesk software means less compatibility issues
  • Consolidate software needs in one MEP design solution – With a comprehensive solution for MEP design and calculation needs, there is less need for separate software vendors

Engineers and designers:

  • Improve workflow – Smoother and easier day-to-day design workflow
  • Automate routine work – Allows the engineer to focus on the decisions that matter by reducing the amount of repetitive routine work through automation
  • Integrate calculations – Balancing and engineering calculations directly integrated with the design features, making updates to the model easy and efficient and improving recognition of potential errors
  • Improve quality – MagiCAD enables higher delivery quality with less need for revisions
  • Benefit from skilled technical support – Skilled and service-oriented technical support in many different languages. Our support personnel are skilled MagiCAD experts with backgrounds in building services design.

System administrators:

  • Consolidate software needs in one MEP design solution – MagiCAD reduces overall complexity in MEP-related systems, as there is less need for different vendors
  • Ensure compatibility – There are less compatibility issues because MagiCAD integrates fully with Revit and AutoCAD. Consolidation also reduces system integration issues
  • Easy installation, maintenance and license management

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