16.10.2018 | By Mikko Lehtinen
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  • Progman announces an expanded relationship with its customer Rettig ICC, Europe’s leading supplier of systems for indoor climate comfort
  • BIM objects of Rettig’s well-known brands Vogel & Noot, Purmo, Radson and Thermopanel are available for download via online BIM platform MagiCAD Cloud
  • The available BIM objects for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design include a wide range of radiators, underfloor heating, valves and controls

Progman has today announced an expanded relationship with its customer Rettig ICC, Europe’s leading supplier of systems for indoor climate comfort. Rettig’s well-known brands Vogel & Noot, Purmo, Radson and Thermopanel, offering radiators, underfloor heating, valves and controls, have made further product series available in 3D model format on MagiCAD Cloud and MagiCAD. Over 20 product series, with multiple variants of each product, have been added. The products are ready for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) designers to add in their building plans.

The first version of the 3D model library of Rettig’s new climate control products was launched in June, and now, a new extended version is published with further new products. Crucially, the expanded relationship with Rettig ICC means that their products will not only be available in MagiCAD, but can also be downloaded from MagiCAD Cloud. This enables a wider access to Rettig’s heating products for MEP designers working anywhere in the world.

MagiCAD Cloud includes more than 1 million BIM models containing technical product data from over 250 manufacturers. BIM solutions such as MagiCAD and MagiCAD Cloud make it possible to implement a comprehensive BIM strategy for construction projects.

“This is an important step for Rettig ICC because we can now deliver a broader range of our products as BIM objects directly into the hands of MEP designers”, says Mia Högkvist, Project Manager, Digitalization at Rettig ICC.

“The specification of a radiator in a building project may come down to an architect, or a contractor. With our BIM strategy, we aim to ensure that all parties in a building project have access to the 3D models of our products. To enable this, Progman provides us with a very strong technical solution, as well as an efficient reach to MEP designers, contractors and other players in the construction field.”

The products are available on Rettig’s dedicated area of MagiCAD Cloud at the following links:

Högkvist continues, “We want to ensure that we’re in line with the industry trends. AutoCAD and Revit are today important technologies of choice for the building industry in many of our countries, and MagiCAD is the solution for drawing up MEP plans with real-life products on these platforms.”

“Today’s announcement represents an important expansion of our work with Rettig”, says Jukka Nyman, Managing Director of Progman. “Rettig ICC’s products of exceptionally high quality can now be viewed and chosen using our tools, and added directly into building plans. For a manufacturer in HVAC, there is no easier way to ensure that MEP designers select your state-of-the-art heating products into their projects.”   

Rettig ICC is Europe’s leading supplier of systems for indoor climate comfort, including radiators, underfloor heating, valves and controls. The company’s two main brands are Vogel & Noot and Purmo Radson. Rettig’s largest direct customers are sanitary and heating wholesalers based in Northern, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, but increasingly also in North America and Asia. Rettig ICC’s mission is to offer more indoor climate comfort with less resources, energy consumption and emissions. www.rettigicc.com

Footnote EN

In January 2019 we unified our brand under MagiCAD. Progman Oy and our subsidiary companies CADCOM AB and Progman Software UK Ltd, were renamed to MagiCAD Group. In addition to this, MagiCloud was renamed to MagiCAD Cloud.

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