02.01.2019 | By Arlinda Sipilä

We would like to welcome our newest Malaysian customer VectorONE Engineering Consultant Sdh.Bhd to the MagiCAD family.

VectorONE is an established building services engineering consultancy firm involved in the design of building services. These include Plumbing & Sanitary services, Fire Protection services, Electrical Services, Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation services, Building Automation system, Telecommunication systems & Utility Piping services. VectorONE is involved in a variety of projects such as Commercial buildings, Residential developments, Factories, High rise condos, Apartments and Airports.

VectorONE is embracing BIM wholeheartedly. VectorONE’s Ir.Edward Chan Shee Lee, was introduced to MagiCAD at the MagiCAD User Day event in Kuala Lumper. He was convinced about the advantages that MagiCAD can offer to his team at VectorONE. We thank him for his vision and support.

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