11.03.2019 | By Petri Luomala

New service offers extended access to the world’s largest library of MEP objects for Revit

MagiCAD Group announces the launch of MagiCAD Cloud Premium, a new online service for MEP designers and BIM managers using BIM objects in native Autodesk Revit projects. With MagiCAD Cloud Premium users have up to 70%* of the BIM objects in the MagiCAD Cloud library available for direct product inserts into Revit projects. The service also offers tools for managing, sharing and using BIM object collections online.

MagiCAD Cloud is the world’s largest library of manufacturer-verified BIM objects for MEP design with over 1 million objects from 270 manufacturers. It is a full-scale online BIM platform that provides MEP designers with manufacturer-specific online product selection and configuration tools, as well as advanced MEP-specific product search functions. With the Premium service users will have extended access to the MagiCAD Cloud library with up to 70%* of the MEP objects in the library available for use in Revit projects.

Managing BIM objects with Collections

The MagiCAD Cloud platform includes features for managing and maintaining custom BIM object collections. Object collections allow companies of any size to effectively manage their BIM content by employing project- and company-specific content templates. MagiCAD Cloud Premium further extends the functionality of object collections by enabling direct product inserts into projects and by allowing users to conduct searches within collections.

With the launch of MagiCAD Cloud Premium, MagiCAD Group remains at the forefront of developing new methods of collaboration between MEP professionals. The custom object collections can be shared among project stakeholders and among the larger BIM community, promoting cooperation on many levels. This also enables designers to ensure consistency in projects and to include all stakeholders in the development of a BIM object set.

Complete MEP content platform

Unlike other object databases, the combination of product inserts, custom object collections and collaboration through collection sharing makes MagiCAD Cloud Premium offers a complete MEP content platform that supports existing BIM-strategies.

MagiCAD at ISH

MagiCAD Cloud Premium is being debuted to customers at ISH 2019 in Frankfurt 11.-15.3.2019. ISH is the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC and water, focusing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings.

Find out more about MagiCAD Cloud Premium.


*The following product types excluded: pipes, ducts, fittings, cable trays and conduits, and all products modelled before 2013.

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