18.12.2019 | By Petri Luomala

We have just released MagiCAD 2020 UR-1.1 patch, which resolves the following issues in MagiCAD for Revit and MagiCAD for AutoCAD:

MagiCAD for Revit – Fixed issues

Drainage connection stopped working in Revit 2020.2 version
The Drainage connection function stopped working after updating Revit 2020 to Revit 2020.2 version. The function generated an unexpected error when applying connections to the model.

Symbol Organiser did not work properly if scale was other than 1:50
If the view scale was adjusted to something other than 1:50 the Symbol Organiser moved symbols to incorrect positions.

Wire drawing did not work properly if the Adjust wire to the edge of symbol option was selected.
If the Adjust wire to the edge of symbol option was selected for a symbol, wires were adjusted incorrectly as the symbol had wrong geometry.

Clash detection failed to find clashes for circular ducts and pipes if centreline of object was not touched
If two circular objects clashed but did not cross the centreline of either object, it was not recognized as a clash.

Clearance Analysis generated an error when creating filled regions in the project
Clearance Analysis uses colour-filled regions to highlight discovered issues according to the clearance analysis settings. In Revit 2018 this caused an error if there were existing regions that were filled with the same colour that Clearance Analysis used.

Install Product function generated an error if a product was placed into a view where it was not viewable
When a product is installed into a view where it is not viewable, MagiCAD displays a warning message. If users then clicked Cancel in the warning message, the Install Product function stopped working and generated an unexpected error.

MagiCAD 2020 UR-1.1 also includes the following functionality enhancement for MagiCAD for Revit:

2D symbol selection is optional for 3rd party families
After feedback from customers we have made 2D symbol selection optional for 3rd party families.

MagiCAD for AutoCAD – Fixed issues

Incorrect absolute height for provisions for builderswork openings in MagiCAD Electrical
The absolute height of provisions for builderswork openings was incorrect in MagiCAD Electrical.

Incorrect length in IFC for recessed provisions for builderswork openings
When the “Is recess” option was selected to create recessed provisions, MagiCAD incorrectly added 20 mm to provisions in IFC when only 10 mm should have been added.

Provision for builderswork openings read the wrong elevation in MagiCAD Electrical when the Z-elevation in storey origin was changed
Provision for builderswork openings read the wrong elevation in MagiCAD Electrical when the Z-elevation in storey origin was changed to something else.

Incompatible text format for Provision for builderswork openings size in MagiCAD Electrical
The variable Provision for builderswork openings size did not display any value due to an incorrect text format.

Underlines-and overlines for dimension texts were not always visible
Underlines and overlines were not always shown in dimension texts.

Bends of circular ducts were sometimes missing when opening older projects
The bends of circular duct systems in a project were sometimes missing when an older project was opened.

Create User Symbol did not work properly
Users were not able to select all the needed data for symbol creation in the Create User Symbol function. Because of this the OK button was not active and users were not able to finalize the symbol creation.

The Pressure loss variable in the reports showed a value of 0 for all elements, even if they had a different value in the drawing
Reports displayed a Pressure loss variable of 0 for all elements regardless of their actual value in the drawing.

Sprinkler symbol direction was different depending on the direction of the sprinkler in the drawing
The sprinkler symbol direction was different depending on the direction that was drawn for the sprinkler in the drawing (up or down).

User named variables did not work for the variable P1-P15 in MagiCAD Electrical
The name shown for the variables P1-P15 in MagiCAD Electrical was always the default name.

IFC Export exported AutoCAD colour 7 (black/white) as black in MagiCAD Ventilation and Piping
This is now changed back and IFC Export exports AutoCAD colour 7 as white in MagiCAD Ventilation and Piping.

You can download the installation package either using the Check for Updates functionality integrated in MagiCAD, or alternatively, from the MagiCAD Download Portal at https://portal.magicad.com/Download/
Select either Autodesk Revit or Autodesk AutoCAD in the Technology drop-down menu according to your environment.

The installation process is easy. MagiCAD Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation process.

If you experience any problems during installation of the release, please contact our support: http://www.magicad.com/support


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