17.03.2021 | By Mikael Ekenberg
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Working with builders work openings? Check out the latest version of the MagiCAD Builders Work Openings tool (v. 2021.3.1.0.)

The new version makes it easier to get an overview of the location in the building of a selected provision request with new plus and minus (+/-) keys that control the size of the section view. If the decision is to create a hole, you can now do that right away within the same window.

If you missed the highlights in the 2021.2 version of the Builders Work Openings tool, you should check that out too. In that version, we added a range selection function. The purpose of range selection is to limit the number of provisions and openings that are managed at the same time. It is a good idea to select a smaller part of the model since that means increased performance and less need for additional filtering of the search results that appear in the report.

You can download the latest version of the Builders Work Openings tool in the MagiCAD Download Portal.

Have a great day!

Mikael Ekenberg Head of Products

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