28.09.2021 | By admin
Case studies

MagiCAD Group has started to offer Glodon’s construction software to customers in the UK and Sweden. Glodon Gsite is a centralized platform for construction management and information handling in building projects. Even though new in the European markets, it is a proven solution used in over 30,000 construction projects all over the globe. Gsite includes a powerful mobile application in addition to a web browser interface that enable users to be as mobile as the construction project requires while still being able to work on the same tasks when back at the office.

Glodon Gsite was used in Canton East Tower project which is the third-tallest in China, and the seventh-tallest in the world. Standing on the central axis of the Zhujiang New Town area of Guangzhou CBD in China, the landmark Canton East Tower has a total height of about 530 meters with 111 floors above ground and 5 basements. Construction on the tower took place from 2011 to 2014 by China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd. This was one of the first construction projects in China where BIM technology was implemented.

Gsite was essential in the construction progress and management of the Canton East Tower. On-site work progress was linked to the 3D model where it could be visualized in real time and the project team could query detailed information on specific tasks and work phases directly from the model. Through Gsite, the team was able to easily obtain drawings related to each step of the process. All drawings, including their changes, were linked to the 3D model and could be retrieved according to discipline and floor. With Gsite, all documents and information related to project’s progress, drawings, contracts, and subcontractors could be managed in an organized manner, which helped improve file management overall. Read full case study.