10.11.2021 | By Paula Lobos
Construction Solutions

What’s new in the latest version of Gsite?

In this post, we go through the major changes and new features that have been added.

Gsite is a project-based platform for smooth and easy use in construction projects thanks to its smart mobile application and web tools. The solution can be used in both large and small contracts for more efficient management of the project’s queries and snags. This update is mainly focused on the Gsite Field module.

Archive Documents

  1. Archive documents directly to Gsite File Manager, this allows you to export your documents to the selected location on your document server. Avoid manually managing documents such as checklists, work permits or control documents. Save time and effort by eliminating manual work and let Gsite do it for you in 4 easy steps. Click buttom right for fullscreen.

Use Custom Templates

  1. Customize Gsite exports using your own company templates. It is now very easy to import your own templates and use your own design on the documents exported from Gsite. You can easily use existing templates from Microsoft Excel and select the information you wish to be exported and where you’d like this information to be displayed within the export. This gives you your documents just as you are used to seeing them before they are archived or forwarded. Click buttom right for fullscreen.

Sign Directly on your Mobile

  1. Start your workflows and sign your documents directly from your mobile phone. For example, once you have completed a checklist, you can now easily get it signed and approved through a workflow which can now be initiated directly & conveniently on your mobile and from the construction site. Click buttom right for fullscreen.


Use Gsite Album in our Gsite Progress

  1. Images taken and saved in Gsite Album can now be easily used in the Gsite Progress module. This means that the images can easily be captured and saved with just 2 quick keystrokes, then when time and opportunity allow, these can be added to Gsite Progress’s timeline of the project.



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