23.02.2022 | By Paula Lobos
Construction Solutions

What’s new in the latest version of Gsite?

In this post, we go through the major changes and new features that have been added.

Gsite is a project-based platform for smooth and easy use in construction projects thanks to its smart mobile application and web tools. The solution can be used in both large and small contracts for more efficient management of the project’s queries and snags.

Site Diary and Form Features

  1. Waiting for approvals delaying your day? End of day paperwork, such as site diaries, causing you significant stress and inconvenience? Take a look below at Gsite’s new site diary and in-depth form writing capabilities. Simplify your approval workflows by easily selecting the job role needed for the approval and let Gsite do the rest. Take your paperwork digital today! Click buttom right for fullscreen.

Completing the Diary

  1. End-of-the-day and need to write up the day’s activities? Having to use excessively long and tedious methods to include photos in your site diary entries? Easily complete your site diary in Gsite as your day progresses from our mobile app or web platform, the choice is yours! Photos, and other information, are all added to the diary from one central location, your Gsite app, no more need for multiple software/step workflows that leave you exhausted just thinking about them! Check out the video below for more details. Click buttom right for fullscreen.



Gantt Tools (Progress Module)

  1. To-do list too long, struggling to process it all? Need to check-out your long terms progress outlook and tweak the times on your schedule to fit new variations? With Gsite’s Gantt viewing and scheduling tools we’ve got you covered. Take a look below. Click buttom right for fullscreen.




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