24.05.2022 | By Paula Lobos
Construction Solutions

What’s new in the latest version of Gsite?

In this post, we go through the major changes and new features that have been added in the last couple of months.

Gsite is a project-based platform for smooth and easy use in construction projects thanks to its smart mobile application and web tools. The solution can be used in both large and small contracts for more efficient management of the project’s queries and snags.

1. Project Noticeboard

Are you tired of having to produce hard copy notices? Or contractors regularly saying they never saw the posted notice? Perhaps, you have contractors working off of dated information? Gsite’s new project noticeboard feature allows you, across the office and site, to post notices that will only be valid for the time you set, provide read receipts and assist in ensuring that all users are aware of the relevant information.

2. Form Duplication

Setting up a new project and have lots of forms, permits and just general paperwork to produce? Is this the same work you just did for a previous project? In Gsite’s new release you can save yourself hours of admin work by duplicating your forms and approval processes seamlessly between projects in just a few clicks.

3. Issue and Document integration

Received a tailored solution to an issue from your design team? Need to have a complete audit trail for an issue or snag? Perhaps you’re away from site and need to add documented details for a sub-contractor? Integration between Gsite’s snagging tool and document storage allows you to effortlessly attach documents to all your issues and snags without having to leave Gsite.

4. Gsite Album Filtering

Had a busy week with lots of inspections and walkarounds? Are you now trying to go through your snag/issue list and figure out which image is for which snag/issue? Let Gsite help with our expanded filtering abilities in our issue tracker. In just a couple of clicks or taps on your screen you can filter down the images to those that you need!


Have a look at this short video to take in all the latest updates




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