15.06.2022 | By Paula Lobos
Case studies

Front RK AB and SmartFront AB use Gsite’s smart and simple functions during an ongoing project for HSB Brf Fogdetorp, a housing cooperative south of Stockholm. A project that includes extensive renovation of HSB Brf Fogdetorp’s nine properties in Södertälje. After an investigation done together with WSP, it was decided that the following renovation work needed to be done:

  • Installation of security doors
  • Improvement of ventilation in the properties through the SmartFront method
  • New facade including insulation
  • Replacement of windows
  • Expansion and glazing of balconies
  • Renovation of 18 laundry rooms
  • Installation of solar cells
  • Handling of existing asbestos boards in facade
  • Replacement of entrance areas and refurbishment of stairwells


The project is very extensive and the investment is estimated to amount to more than SEK 230 million at the end of the project.

As specialists in façade renovation, Front RK AB is a general contractor and sister company SmartFront AB is a subcontractor and expert in ventilation. To reduce the disturbance for the residents of the properties, supply air ducts are mounted on the outside of the building according to a specific methodology developed by SmartFront.

Gather all the information in one place

Front RK AB and SmartFront AB have around 60 project members operating in approximately 15 different business areas. Effective and fast communication between project members is one of the most important factors in being able to follow and understand the complex project schedule.

“Keeping these together and keeping control of schedules is the big challenge, ” says Patrik Kirves, Project Manager of Fogdetorp.

With Gsite, communication and documentation doesn’t have to be complicated. With chat features, live updates, issues management, and automatically stored project information all project members can see the status of the project, and both receive and provide direct feedback on issues and tasks.

All information is stored in the cloud with Gsite and easily accessed via Gsite’s mobile application or a web browser. This allows all project members to easily access the stored information, whether they are in an office or on the construction site.

“Gsite helps us in an excellent way in our safety rounds and in our pre-inspections. Security and control are words we would choose as the first choice in a summary!” says Patrik.

Gsite’s functions simplify the administration and management of problems during safety rounds and pre-inspections. Sharing updates, managing quality and security issues and always getting the latest information and data from the project, are some of Gsite’s benefits.

Main Uses
Front AB digitised their Progress & Quality to streamline their complex project and bring contractors together. They also wanted to explore options to track BIM information and visualise progress.

“We are informed about what Gsite can do and here we see additional benefits in complex projects. Everyone is informed in the right way at the right time. Works great!”, Kirves concludes.





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