04.10.2022 | By Paula Lobos
Construction Solutions

Gsite is continuously updated to be as user-friendly and efficient as possible. We listen to our customers and users to constantly deliver a smart and flexible project management tool that really makes a difference for everyone involved in the construction project.

The latest updates include the following:

  • Multiple Form Logic Options
  • Issue Integration within Forms
  • Checklists on a Company level
  • Search Function in Checklists

Multiple Form Logic Options

Achieve greater flexibility and versatility in your digitised forms with multiple options available within Form Logics. Now, our digital forms approximate real-worlds scenarios much more efficiently by allowing users to add a logic step for all potential answer/inputs to questions within their digital forms.

Gsite - Multiple Form options

Issue Integration within Forms

Integrate your issues with your forms directly. This allows you to monitor, check the status of and track related issues when viewing paperwork records such as particular incidents from your Site Diary entries, IE: See the particular day’s incidents directly from the digital Site Diary entry.

Gsite - Issue integration


Create Checklists on a Company/Enterprise Level

Improve your management efficiency by standardising your company’s checklists and creating a company-wide understanding of what is required from the checklists.
This, in turn, will help in reducing project risk.

Gsite - Company Checklists


Search function in checklists

You can also now easily find your company or project checklists with Gsite’s checklist search function.
Simply locate your needed checklist with just a few keywords.

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