08.12.2023 | By Jenni
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Altech presents new MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool for more efficient HVAC design

Altech is proud to introduce its latest innovation: the Altech MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool, tailored for HVAC design within plumbing systems. This groundbreaking tool is designed to enhance and optimize the work of HVAC designers in a simple and seamless manner.

MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools are product configurators that simplify the presentation of complex or tailormade MEP products. They are integrated with BIM objects within MagiCAD Cloud, thus connecting the configured products seamlessly into design projects.

For several decades, Altech has been a reliable player in the HVAC industry, developing sought-after products such as lead-free valves. By listening to the market’s needs, Altech identified a previously unfilled gap within piping. Selection tools have long been dominated by the ventilation side, and Altech’s aim is to change this by offering outstanding quality and efficiency within the plumbing sector.

The new Altech selection tool simplifies and accelerates the process of selecting the right product size with the correct output. It optimizes pipe routing for radiators to adjacent main pipes and generates customized BOM (Bill of Materials) lists for Altech products, facilitating orders from distributors.

Altech strives to match the market’s needs and continues to deliver added value to users, making HVAC system design more efficient and straightforward. Their focus is to meet the growing demand within heating systems, and with this new tool, they take a step closer to smoother and more efficient design process.

The tool is available in English and Swedish. Designers will be able to find Altech’s selection tool for MagiCAD for AutoCAD through MagiCAD Connect or access it directly via web application at https://altech.magicad.cloud/.


About Altech

Altech is a leading supplier of technical installation products for HVAC, industrial, refrigeration, and properties in Sweden. With several decades of experience and a passion for innovative solutions, the company aims to deliver high-quality products and support customers’ needs through efficient and sustainable HVAC solutions. Visit Altech.se to explore their wide range of products and technical support.