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Bengt Dahlgren AB uses MagiCAD for designing ventilation and piping in the 25 000 m2 extension of Forum Nacka, a shopping mall just outside Stockholm, Sweden. All project partners have been working in 3D from initial drawings to final design stages. This has allowed for all installation design and the building itself to be visualized in 3D.

Revit is a key step in MagiCAD’s development

“We have used MagiCAD since the program was launched. The fact that MagiCAD is now also available for Revit is a key step in its development,” says Bengt Dahlgren’s IT director, Roland Magnusson.

“Being able to work with real products in our models in MagiCAD is one of the most important benefits for our design engineers. We have done this for more than ten years on the AutoCAD platform and now we also have the opportunity to do so with Revit. Consequently, we will no longer have to undertake the time-consuming work of individually defining the characteristics of different products.”

About Bengt Dahlgren AB
Bengt Dahlgren AB is one of Sweden’s leading independent consulting firms, with more than 300 employees both in Sweden and abroad. The company is active in the fields of HVAC, Energy & Environment, Control & Monitoring, Fire & Risk and Technical Management.

Footnote EN

In January 2019 we unified our brand under MagiCAD. Progman Oy and our subsidiary companies CADCOM AB and Progman Software UK Ltd, were renamed to MagiCAD Group. In addition to this, MagiCloud was renamed to MagiCAD Cloud.