21.03.2022 | By Paula Lobos

Company: MVB Öst AB
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Schedule: March 2018 – April 2020
MagiCAD software: Glodon Gsite

MVB is one of Sweden’s largest construction companies with a high focus on quality and sustainability. While utilizing Glodon Gsite on the project Brf Sturebacken, MVB delivered 97 apartments with underground carpark on behalf of property developer HSB Bostad.  The car park in particular is of great importance to the association that has a car pool, where members can easily short-term rent a car instead of owning their own. The project comprises approximately 8300m2 of floor space and was completed in April 2020.


As general contractors, MVB is responsible for the overall project. In a large project such as Brf Sturebacken, the efficiency and safety of the workplace is of the utmost importance. One reason why MVB uses Gsite is because of the smart module for case management, checklists and quality/safety rounds.

You face challenges every day in production. We work with people up close and it can be both tough and easy some days. Time is always a challenge. On this project, we have had a good schedule and had time to be able to plan the jobs well in advance. says Albin Sigvardsson, supervisor at MVB.

With the Gsite Field module, it was possible to easily and efficiently register their quality and safety rounds saving hours of work each day.

All safety rounds have been done with Gsite since the end of November 2018,” says Sigvardsson.

In Gsite, it is possible to easily gather all important and necessary information in one place. In addition, all affected project members can access the information easily through a web browser, or through Gsite’s mobile application no matter where they are located.

“The good thing about Gsite and the safety rounds is that you can get a picture/image of the issue/snag,” Sigvardsson continues.

One of the most important advantages of Gsite, as Sigvardsson mentions, is that it allows users to connect media to issues, such as images, videos and voice notes. By linking rich information to each case, it is easier for the recipient to understand the information and context, and to add their own in a collaborative and auditable way.

When an issue or improvement point is checked off in a quality or safety round, a ready-made workflow is automatically created to export and print the results meaning the time consuming write-up and distribution process is now instant.




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