1. Co-branded leaflets

We have had great success with Manufacturer – MagiCAD Cloud branded leaflets. We have made joint marketing leaflets together with our customers and the leaflets consist of two parts. The upper part is a manufacturer specific area for you to promote your company and products and in the bottom we have a promotion of MagiCAD Cloud.

The leaflets have the option of two sided printing where one side is in English and the other one in the customer’s own language, for example English and German.

For more information please contact your sales representative.

2. Co-branded white papers

We provide our key customers the possibility to make co-branded versions of our white papers. We let readers know that the white paper was made in partnership with the manufacturer, add their logo and a short introduction with contact information. Manufacturers can utilize them to share interesting industry insight and distribute the co-branded BIM white paper to their customers.

See some examples below. For more information and orders, please contact our marketing (mktg@magicad.com).

3. Manufacturer case studies and interviews

Among our regular manufacturer and product promotion, we also offer the possibility to publish case studies, BIM stories, reference cases and interviews with manufacturers.

Read manufacturer interviews and case stories on our website.

4. Press releases

For key customers and for bigger partnerships it is possible to write and distribute a press release about the partnership, the new manufacturer’s extensive product range, selection tools, plugins or other services.

Press releases by MagiCAD or joint partnership press releases are agreed to in a case by case basis. If you are interested, please contact your sales representative for more information.

We also encourage you, as a manufacturer, to take an active role in promoting our partnership and your product library on MagiCAD Cloud and MagiCAD; to publish your own press release; boost our partnership in your social media channels; re-share our postings; promote your direct product link and/or branded pages to enhance your product visibility.

5. Statements, quotations and interview extracts

As your global BIM partner we are eager to make your product promotion easy, simple and diverse. Thus we utilize our joint content, such as press releases, interviews and case stories, and extract manufacturer statements, quotations and smaller bits of engaging content to attract customers. The extracts are visualized and published on our blog news-feed, social media and newsletters.

Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletters to see different promotion possibilities. As an innovative company we also encourage our customers to be creative and welcome their ideas too.

Do you have a good idea or maybe something crazy to differentiate yourself from the competitors? Feel free to contact our marketing team.

6. Fairs and events

In addition to being a powerful technical tool, MagiCAD Cloud is also great for online product promotion. Your customers can easily browse products, look at 3D previews and check technical information. During fairs and exhibitions, you can have a demo station, a computer or a tablet showing your catalogue in MagiCAD Cloud and enhance the visibility of your products.

We would be happy to provide marketing materials such as stickers, posters, brochures, etc. If you would like integrate “BIM ready with MagiCAD logos” in your stand design, adjust marketing material according to your brand image or have any questions, please contact our marketing team.

Below are some examples of how BIM models could be promoted at the next event.

7. Showcase your selection tools and plugins on our web page

Our key customers have the possibility to showcase their selection tools and plugins on our webpage where we offer a tool introduction, visualization, instructions how to set it up and start using it, customer quotation or statement, and a demo video showcasing the tool and its functionality.

Check out our selection tool page

8. Manufacturer website promotion

As your global BIM consultant we also encourage you, as a manufacturer, to take an active role in promoting our partnership and your product library on MagiCAD Cloud and MagiCAD:

  • to publish news on your website
  • to boost our partnership in your social media channels, re-share our postings
  • to place a banner with a direct MagiCAD Cloud product link on your website
  • to inform your customers about the great possibility to download your product models free of charge.

Click the images below and see how other manufacturers are promoting their products and our partnership on their websites:


9. MagiCAD newsletters

As a global BIM player and industry thought leader MagiCAD sends regular newsletters to desigers, engineers and BIM managers.

In the newsletters MagiCAD Introduces latest software updates, webinars, new manufacturers joining MagiCAD Cloud and MagiCAD, and latest industry trends and design tools.

In addition, MagiCAD sends newsletters dedicated to manufacturers introducing new manufacturers joining MagiCAD Cloud and MagiCAD, new and updated product libraries, RFA and DXF activations, plugins and selection tools, manufacturer case stories and interviews, and latest industry trends and events.

Subscribe to MagiCAD newsletters and stay tuned.

If you would like to tell your BIM story or contribute to our newsletter otherwise, please contact our marketing.


10. MagiCAD social media promotion

In addition to electronic newsletters, MagiCAD is very active on social media introducing new partnerships, manufacturer libraries, benefits of designing with 3D objects, tips and tricks to improve productivity, BIM stories, manufacturer interviews and industry trends.

11. MagiCAD blog portal

As an industry thought leader MagiCAD regularly publishes interesting content on the MagiCAD News portal. Blog posts feature a variety of BIM and MEP related news, latest mechanical, electrical, plumbing and construction trends, tips and tricks, case studies, interviews with designers and manufacturers, new manufacturers joining MagiCAD Cloud
and MagiCAD, new and updated product libraries, plugins and selection tools, new software features, productivity tips and industry events.

Check out our blog portal on our website.

To see manufacturer specific news, choose the category Manufacturer News.

12. Speaker opportunities and joint events

We would be happy to participate in manufacturer events and introduce our productivity tools, plugins, selection tools and the benefits of designing with manufacturer verified 3D product models. MagiCAD group also organizes several annual events where manufacturers have an opportunity to network, as well as learn more about BIM and the MEP
industry. Check out our annual Shaping your BIM Strategy event.

For more information please contact your sales representative.