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1,000,000 BIM objects. 300 manufacturers.

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BIM objects for MEP

MagiCAD Cloud offers free limited access to the world’s largest selection of manufacturer-verified BIM objects for MEP design with comprehensive functional data for engineering calculations.

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Applications for Revit

MagiCAD Connect is an add-in application for Revit. It enables inserting BIM objects from MagiCAD Cloud into native Revit RFA format and configuring specific MEP products using MagiCAD Selection Tools.

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Premium Subscription

Premium subscription to MagiCAD Cloud enables extended access to high quality and consistent MEP content for MEP Designers or BIM managers using Revit.

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Achieve dramatic time and cost savings through powerful, design-ready 3D objects

MagiCAD Cloud includes a free browsing library for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) designers with a wide selection of high-quality BIM objects.

Without MagiCAD Cloud, a designer would be modelling the objects by themselves. In addition to volumes of extra work, keeping up to date with ever changing product specifications requires close communication with several manufacturers. Because of these factors, designers end up having trouble sourcing correctly-sized components.

By bringing the whole BIM content online, collaboration for selecting the right products for a project can happen effectively between teams from across the entire build – key to achieving the benefits of BIM for any large-scale building project.

Intelligent BIM objects and libraries

All BIM objects in MagiCAD Cloud are accurately modelled including all the needed technical data and verified by manufacturers before they are published. This ensures that the products will fit into the physical spaces as planned in the model.

MagiCAD Cloud users are able to design accurate MEP models when using these intelligent objects as the building blocks for their design. Designers are able to visualise a real system with real products before the build begins. The systems can be analysed to ensure they are working properly before the fabrication and construction begins.


  • 1,000,000 BIM objects for MEP design available in an online library with advanced search function
  • 300 leading manufacturers’ products available with comprehensive technical data and 3D geometry
  • Free access to more than 25% of the library’s objects
  • Access to more than 80% of the library’s manufacturer-verified objects with MagiCAD Premium subscription
  • Full access to the library’s objects with the purchase of MagiCAD software
  • Sharing online object collections for effective collaboration with teams from across the build
  • Easy access to the objects in Revit through the MagiCAD Connect app
  • Free downloads of several manufacturer Plug-ins and Selection tools for use in Revit and MagiCAD.