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In addition to being a powerful technical tool, MagiCAD Cloud is also great for online product promotion. Your customers can easily browse products, look at 3D previews and check technical information. In this page you can see some examples of how you can utilize ready-to-use marketing material to promote your products and BIM activity. We also welcome your ideas and would be happy to contribute/participate in your events and introduce the benefits of designing with intelligent BIM objects.

Collaborative marketing

MagiCAD is a world’s leader in BIM solutions in MEP. Our well-recognized brand can leverage a trust-worthy image for your products. Joint marketing campaigns and promotion actions provide a collective strength in brand recognition, customer acquisition, and retention. MagiCAD offers different co-marketing opportunities for our partner manufacturers, such as leaflets, videos, events, and keynote speaker opportunities. See some of the examples below. For more information contact



Fairs and Events

Fairs and events are great places to promote your BIM activity. For example, you can use your demo station, a computer or a tablet to show your catalogue in our Cloud and enhance the visibility of your products. We are now making it easier for you to tell about our cooperation. Images below feature a couple of examples of how other manufacturers utilize our partnership and marketing materials to increase their visibility and trustworthiness within the industry. You can download ready to use material from “Quick downloads”.

Utilize the direct manufacturer’s product link

Use the opportunity to share a direct link to your product page on MagiCAD Cloud. You can find the direct link to your product library by logging in the Hub. You need a MagiCAD Cloud login to access the Hub. That is free and fast to create.

For example, you can use the following logos and link directly to your product page on MagiCAD Cloud.


Below are examples of manufacturer’s link:

Ready to use text

Please find below ready to use text for your website, social media, press releases, etc. Feel free to add your own text and communicate the benefits to your customers.

Now you can access our products’ BIM models on MagiCAD Cloud. MagiCAD Cloud is the world’s leading BIM library for MEP designers. It enables access to over 1 million intelligent 3D product models from 270 leading industry manufacturers. These high-quality 3D models have accurate dimensions and comprehensive technical data. MagiCAD Cloud fully supports Revit and AutoCAD, enabling designers, contractors, and engineers to download models directly in Revit and AutoCAD formats. Thus MEP designers have the advantage to browse our products on MagiCAD Cloud already in the planning stage and prepare realist HVAC plans.