Veronica Theander started working as Area Sales Manager in 2016. Today she is leading a team consisting of six colleagues as Sales Manager for MEP customers in Sweden.

“I have loved working at MagiCAD Group since day one. No days are the same, but no matter what the working day looks like, the biggest benefit of my job is that I can be involved in creating something good. When in contact with customers, it is all about continuously finding good solutions in order to create the best possible conditions for them when designing with MagiCAD.

When it comes to my colleagues and my team, I have the very best! Everyone says so and for me it is 100% true. Being surrounded by enterprising, smart and forward-thinking colleagues, both Sweden and internationally, who work according to our key values “stay curious” and “be ahead of the game” when I myself am passionate about development is what makes me love to go to work every day.”

Aldo Valencia works as MagiCAD Specialist at our Gothenburg office. He trains our MEP customers in MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD and helps them via our Swedish support. Aldo worked as HVAC engineer before joining MagiCAD Group about 7 years ago.

“The best part of my work is that I’m able to help and support people and companies so that they can complete their work. Knowing that we are helping and contributing to building Sweden with the latest BIM technology is what keeps me motivated at work.”

Florian Bach joined MagiCAD in 2020 as a Technical Consulting Engineer. He takes care of all technical issues of the customers, e.g. through consulting services, trainings and technical support. Florian also supports the sales team with technical presentations and tests the latest MagiCAD versions. Florian has 2 dogs and lives near Koblenz and the Westerwald, Germany.

“I greatly appreciate the high degree of freedom and personal responsibility at work and the many exciting challenges in my daily work. No one day is like the other and through my diverse tasks I always learn something new. What also motivates me at work is seeing how our customers succeed on a daily basis with our software.

Here we have a common goal and everybody is contributing to it. There`s a mutual trust, not just only between the colleagues in my team, but also when it comes to the managers. At MagiCAD “Grow together” is not just a phrase, it`s something everybody is living up to! My on-boarding at MagiCAD was in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and seeing my colleagues in person was not possible until recently. Despite of it, it was an awesome experience with everyone willing to help. I think these are the times where a throughout positive company culture really shines.”

Juha-Matti Halminen is working as Sales Manager in our Turku office. He leads multinational sales and marketing team in Manufacturer Business Unit at MagiCAD Group. The Manufacturer Business Unit helps MEP manufacturers to reap the benefits of the digitalization of the construction sector by providing BIM object modelling, Manufacturer Apps and tailored software solutions.

“MagiCAD is a truly international but also down to earth company. We still maintain that small company feel that makes it easy to get to know colleagues around the world. My typical day in the office – that is my home in the countryside or our head office in Turku, consists of meetings with customers, team members and other colleagues. I make quotations and process orders, always searching for areas where to improve our processes. I value that there are opportunities for me to learn new things on a daily basis and I find this the single most motivating aspect of my job.

Within the Manufacturer Business Unit we work a lot in solution sales and there our company value of growing together comes through. Sales and production people are working closely together with our customers to find the solution that brings the best value to the customer or to the customer’s customer. At personal level, I stay curious by monitoring what is going on in the digitalization of the construction business, and how the digitalization shapes other industries – often there are many similarities. It’s fascinating to see how the industry is developing in front of our eyes and to understand our role in it as a key player.”

I’m Philip Hägglund and I work as a MagiCAD-specialist in Sweden. I train our customers in MagiCAD, help them via our support, consultancy and much more. I have been working at MagiCAD Group for almost 4 years. I started my journey at MagiCAD Group at our small office in Piteå and now I’m working from the Stockholm office.

“Because of my engineering background and problem-solving mindset, I feel that our core value “Stay Curious” really helps in always striving to learn new tools and information to aid in my work.

What motivates me the most without a doubt are my colleagues. Everyone is eager to help and always there to discuss new ideas. This is not only true for MagiCAD here in Sweden but also for MagiCAD Group as a whole.”

I’m Sofia Zell and I have worked at MagiCAD since November 2020 from our Stockholm office. I’m working as Account Manager with a focus on the Construction Solution, Gsite, for the Swedish market.

“I’m very content in my role and since Gsite is relatively new to the Swedish market, I get to see the software grow, which is incredibly exciting!

My working days and tasks vary. I work with colleagues from all over the world and I especially enjoy the variety of cultures and languages.

In our Stockholm office, we have a very family-like atmosphere even though we have different roles and tasks, it is always possible to get help when needed. The family-like atmosphere is also something that you can see throughout the entire organization, which is completely in line with our core value “Grow together”.”

Maud Strandberg is working as Course and Finance Administrator from our Gothenburg office.

“I have had the pleasure of being a part of MagiCAD Group AB for six months now. I work mainly with courses administration but also with finances. I like that it means both to have things in order but also regular contact with our customers, a wonderful combo I must say.

Having colleagues with great knowledge around me and who are helpful keeps me motivated especially in these times when I have not even met everyone face to face yet. A big compliment to MagiCAD Group for succeeding very well in arranging virtual meetings, which has contributed to making me feel a part of the group even if I’m relatively new.”

Tero Nieminen is our Sales Operations Specialist in Turku.

“During the last five years working at MagiCAD Group, I’ve gained hands-on experience both from frontline of sales working as a Sales Engineer and sales development through my current role as a Sales Operations Specialist. Nowadays my daily work mainly consists of enabling and developing sales in addition to overseeing our CRM system.

With my work role being quite diverse, the days are very engaging as I get to work closely with amazing colleagues all around the world. Whether I am training CRM usage or working in a project, there’s always a possibility to learn something new as we have a greatly communicative personnel – this stimulates discussion even among different teams.

Another worthwhile mention is the atmosphere. No matter who you converse with, people are always friendly and supportive, both of which are some of the key ingredients in making this a great place to work. This also improves the co-operation among teams especially when not all of the meetings can be held face to face.”

Josefina Bergström is our Sales coordinator in Sweden.

“My journey with MagiCAD, as a Sales Coordinator in the Gothenburg office, started pretty much at the same time as a particular epidemic spread all over the world. Maybe because of the unpredictable situation that took place during my onboarding I was in an early stage able to see how the core values “be ahead of the game” and “grow together” really affect our everyday work. It was great to see how everyone came together from all different departments and got involved in predicting future challenges and finding solutions in order to keep delivering up to customers’ expectations and beyond. Since my role as a Sales Coordinator involves a various mix of tasks, I have learned a LOT since I came to MagiCAD which is one of the best parts with my work. It’s motivating to see the high level of knowledge and ambition around my colleagues. Whatever the question may be, I can always rely on getting the best possible answer.”

Animesh Sourabh is working as Account Manager in our Construction Solutions in London.

What motivates you at work?
“Playing a key role in the adoption of an innovative digital construction technology by the construction sector.”

How MagiCAD Group is different than other companies?
“MagiCAD promotes self organising teams where you’re expected to take ownership and responsibility for your own work.”

Describe your usual work day?
“A usual work day involves business development activities like cold calling, phone and email follow ups, demos, writing proposals, closing sales and sometimes marketing activities like webinars or LinkedIn promotions.”

What is the best part of your work?
“I get a chance to propose new ideas and then take the responsibility to execute them.”

Emma Danielsson is our Area Sales Manager in Sweden.

“I’ve been working in Sales at MagiCAD for almost three years now. Compared to my previous employers, I have never met such responsive managers or a corporate culture where the voices of the employees are truly being heard. We are one big team at MagiCAD Group, and we always support and push each other to reach the next level. This is more important than ever right now, when we are working remotely. With an amazing atmosphere and corporate culture we are definitely continuing to follow our key value “Grow together”, and it thrives me to communicate this on towards our customers, as well as being able to provide them with a software that is beneficial to their everyday work.”

Torsten Kaufmann is our Sales Engineer for the DACH region.

“I started at MagiCAD in November 2019 as Sales Engineer for the DACH region. Together with my colleagues we are continuing to develop and expand MagiCAD’s business. The business is always different every day and that is very rewarding, because you never get bored and you always stay curious about what the next day will bring. Curiosity is also one of the reasons why I have joined MagiCAD. On the one hand, MEP is a completely new business for me and on the other, there are the customers – not just resellers with whom I have worked with earlier. The customer needs are also different from one appointment to the other. This brings a lot of joy to me.

The colleagues are all very helpful, even though we work in different countries. This is also a thing I find very exemplary at MagiCAD. Sometimes you also get different perspectives and ideas on how to advance the business.

We are on a good path and we work hard on it!”

Facundo Carignano Díaz is Technical Support Engineer working in the Technical Services team from Espoo office.

“I joined MagiCAD in September 2019 to complete my internship after finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

My duties are very diverse making the daily work quite exciting. The concept of growing together is not only a company value, it’s a reality. Feels great to be surrounded by a group of highly skilled colleagues willing to always spare a minute to help with any task, regardless of its complexity.

Working for a Finnish company with a multi-cultural environment fits my profile to perfection, as I am Argentine born, raised in Spain, have studied in Denmark and now I live in Finland. Even though we get the chance to do remote work, a day at the office feels like being home due to the extraordinary working atmosphere. It’s great to be part of this international company!”

Sauli Pihl is Software Engineer working from our Turku office.

“I’m new in the industry so learning new skills motivates me a lot. Everyone’s super talented in our team which makes MagiCAD software solutions an inspiring environment to work in. I learn a lot from the conversations with other team members and from the established working methods: code reviews and dev dojos. It truly feels like everyone’s trying to constantly improve though with a laid back attitude at the same time.”

Jaana Ruottu is working as Administrative Coordinator in MagiCAD’s Turku office.

What motivates you at work?
“I am motivated by the breadth and variety of my job description, interesting tasks, the ability to communicate in foreign languages every day and the self-direction of our team.”

How is MagiCAD Group different from other companies?
“MagiCAD Group differs from my previous work places as it is an agile, low-hierarchical organization, where the employer has confidence and trust in the professional skills and motivation of the employees to work for the company. Working conditions as well as equipment and tools I’m using also differ from previous places.”

Could you describe your usual work day?
“My usual work day involves as many financial management tasks as the physical delivery of our product to our customers. In addition, we have nice breaks with co-workers and these I enjoy a lot :)”

What is the best part of your work?
“The best part of my job is having really nice colleagues across the teams, strong internationality of the company (English is in daily use, both at work and at the coffee table), a nice working environment and working atmosphere, and a motivating job description and responsibilities within my role.”

How MagiCAD Group’s values affect to your everyday work?
“Perhaps the value of Grow Together for the MagiCAD Group is closest to my heart, because the good team spirit within the company, teamwork and collaboration with my colleagues and relaxed and liberated working atmosphere carry the company far. I find it important that one enjoys his or her own work and it is nice to come to work in the mornings. The strong indication of this is that even though it is possible to flexibly work remotely, I have not considered any remote days so far, but as a social type I prefer to work at the Turku office instead of the home office.”

Jari Mikkonen is working as a Project Manager and Software Developer for the Product Data Solutions team in Rauma.

“Since when I joined the company almost three years ago, I have managed projects for both Finnish and international customers, mainly from the Nordics and Central-Europe. As a developer, the main language I use is C# and Visual Studio is one of the tools I use daily. I develop plugins and connect applications for the MEP manufacturers. These applications work on AutoCAD, Revit, MagiCAD for Revit and MagiCAD for AutoCAD.

I enjoy that my work is diverse, it does not get tedious, and that there is always something new to learn. I find just the right balance of challenges from which I learn new things and develop continuously. My background is from IT engineering and HVAC technician side. Having that real life technician’s point of view, has benefited in my current work as I understand what would actually facilitate the designers’ work.

We have great team spirit. We work together and help each other whenever needed. There is a wide experience within the team and there is always someone to ask from. Even though our team members are located in offices in different cities, we keep up and share learnings on weekly bases. Having the opportunity to work with skilled professionals who are always ready to help, has deepened my own skills and knowledge in software development and also about HVAC and BIM.

Lastly, team events are also something I enjoy a lot. In addition, the office and company parties are brilliant events to regularly meet colleagues from different countries, get to know them better and just have fun together.”

Jani Leppäniemi is working as Software Engineer in Product Data Solutions.

“I joined the company in the beginning of 2019. I’m working in the Product Data Solutions team at our Rauma office. My daily work consists mainly of various project management and software development tasks.

It’s been a smooth start and I appreciate the flexibility with things like remote working possibilities. This is a big thing for me since I have a bit longer commute to work. The company also has a relaxed atmosphere and the people really rock! I enjoy learning new things and this job really offers many opportunities to stay curious.”

Miia Vainio is working as a software engineer in our MagiCAD for Revit team in Rauma. She has been part of MagiCAD Group family since 2015.

“The best part of my work as a software engineer are definitely my workmates. They are awesome and it is great that we have loads of humor in the office during the days. We work professionally aiming for the highest quality but it does not stop us from laughing a lot together too, even during busy times. I find that at MagiCAD Group you can be yourself. One can always get help from colleagues and there’s no need to think whether or not it is ok to ask. The atmosphere in our office is great and relaxed.

I have passion for learning new things and for constantly developing myself and here I have the chance to do it. In my work I use mainly C#, C++ and C++/CLI technologies and whenever needed I can update my skills in those or other needed technologies. In addition to coding, I find it very interesting to learn more about the building industry and BIM. What I do here for my work really finds meaning in our mission “We help create better buildings”. When I joined the company I did not have lot of understanding about the building industry but with help of colleagues who are professional in this field I have learned a lot and we get great things done together.

My work commute is somewhat long, but remote working possibilities and flexibility overall in MagiCAD Group is in such a good level that it is easy to balance one’s work and family life.”

Tia Jokinen is working as Marketing Campaigns and Graphic Design Specialist at marketing team.

“The best parts of my work are creativity, versatility, learning of new things and of course the best colleagues. I love that every day is different and you always learn something new. I have a creative background in graphic design and communication so for me it is super interesting to work with engineers and software developers. We see things from many different angles and that’s how we learn from each other a lot – every single day.

In an extremely positive way, MagiCAD Group is very different from the other companies. It is a very international company. We have 170 employees and yet, 20 different nationalities! Still, we have a very cosy, family like feeling where people truly trust and support each other.”

Johannes Netz started at MagiCAD’s Stockholm office in the late 2018 as a Technical Specialist for the Construction business.

What motivates you at work?
“The ability to try out new things and step out of the comfort zone using my experience from the Swedish construction industry to assist our international colleagues to improve in the best way possible. The environment is progressive and everyone encourages my own ideas both in and out of my specific area of business. It is a communicative staff with thoughtful communication channels to help me keep in touch with everyone regardless of location. This offers possibilities to discuss and learn from lots of different environments.”

What is the best part of your work?
“The best part of my everyday work is the versatility. One moment I am working with customer relations and the next one I’m supporting international colleagues in a technical matter. This is made possible by having great colleagues with lots of different skills that I can always ask and discuss different ideas with. This together with the friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to work.”

Sanna Kartano is a Sales Engineer for Manufacturer BIM Services working from our Rauma office.

What motivates you at work?
“For me it is important to work for a company with clear values that align with mine. MagiCAD’s mission to help create better buildings is concrete and meaningful and resonates with me. I trust in what we do as a company. In addition, I enjoy that I have the opportunity to develop myself at work, see different perspectives and increase my knowledge about our business. Working in sales is the best thing as I really enjoy helping people. Also, the working atmosphere in the whole MagiCAD Group is warm and very family like. I could not ask for better colleagues.”

How MagiCAD values affect to your everyday work?
“In my work I stay curious all the time! That is the driving force and a constant desire to learn more. I see a lot of potential to grow in my work in this great place to work.”

Miikka Toikka is an Account Manager for the UK and Irish markets. He works for MagiCAD Group Ltd at the Manchester based headquarters and specialises in MagiCAD for Revit software solutions, as well as any supporting training and consultancy service sales.

“I joined the company in mid-2016, being the 3rd UK employee. Since then, we’ve grown rapidly to be a company of 10 permanent staff members for our UK operations.

I’m a native Finn living in England for over a decade and it’s been a great opportunity to find and join a successful Finnish software company operating both in the UK and globally.

Working for the MagiCAD Group has been my favourite company to work for to date – you really are a part of the team with the possibility to influence and bring new ideas to the table. On top of the typical sales and business development work, I take part in technical meetings where we constantly see jaws drop when our in-house MEP Engineers demonstrate the features, tools and localised British workflow to our potential customers.

I’m proud to work for MagiCAD where I represent a company that delivers on its promises, markets a high-end software solution, and inspired me in my day-to-day working role. Our technical team is consistently aiming to innovate our MEP product portfolio and bring new tools to the market that truly benefit our clients.”

Samuli Kaikkonen is working as Technical Support Engineer at Technical Services team.

“I joined the company four years ago and I’m working in our Rauma office. The best thing about my work is that we have very good team spirit and feeling of togetherness here. It’s nice to come to work every day as we move forward together towards common goals. We help each other without hesitation whenever there are challenges, that’s why great results achieved at work.

What makes my work also interesting is that I have the possibility to work with people from different countries and cultures, both within the company and with outside partners and interest groups. My daily work is rather versatile as it consists of parts related to customer service and interacting with them, but also of group and independent work related to testing, investigating and developing MagiCAD software, ways of working and doing things, as well as customer related work. One of the biggest motivators for me is that my work is challenging at a level that suits me best and I can freely influence and determine how much challenges I want to have.

From our company values, “grow together” is very meaningful for me as we truly work here towards our common goals as a big family, and within that, I always do my best whether it is my own or any other colleague’s project or task. I feel very proud of working here.”

Edgar Chan is a technical engineer for MagiCAD (as well as Cubicost) at our sister company Glodon International in Singapore.

What motivates you at work?
“I enjoy introducing MagiCAD to people who have never heard of it. It is always great to see their faces when they see what is possible to do with it. I am also really motivated by helping people and showing them how our solution can help them to reduce current workflow issues. I also work with some great team members globally in Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.”

How is MagiCAD different than other companies?
“I like the working environment, because you can share information freely. Everyone is willing to help which is great, sometimes because I am so far away form our MagiCAD technical people it can feel rather lonely but the teams in other countries really use our communication software to help in that.”

What is the best part of your work?
“I really enjoy doing trainings and giving solutions to issues that companies are having. I get a lot of motivation out of hearing customers’ needs and then showing them how MagiCAD can fix them – seeing their satisfaction is always good.”

Lisa Liu is working for MagiCAD sales (as well as Cubicost sales) at our sister company Glodon International in Singapore.

What motivates you at work?
“I would say the software is great, especially the modelling tools, such as crossing, connections etc. I enjoy meeting customers at all different levels. Some of them even become friends which is a great thing and really motivates me to provide the best service and value for them. I really enjoy and am motivated by learning new things as MEP is a new field for me and I also enjoy dealing with our colleagues in other markets like Finland.”

How is MagiCAD different than other companies?
“Due to the time difference I really welcome the efficiency in getting back to me. I enjoy the team work atmosphere that my colleagues bring from Finland. We work hard when we are in Singapore, but I enjoy that we have a common goal and working with international colleagues.”

What is the best part of your work?
“I get to deal with a fantastic product and I enjoy meeting new people and helping them solve their problems.”

Anna-Sofia Rantanen is our People & Culture Director at the Rauma office.

“I’m working in HR at MagiCAD and enjoy it a lot. My days are versatile with recruitment, personnel and organisation development responsibilities. I have usually many things on my table and the days are different. There’s always interesting tasks to handle, which I find great and motivating.

In my work, I have the possibility to help people to develop and succeed at their work, support their work well-being and different stages of employment life-cycle, as well as, to do things together with creative and professional colleagues. At the same time, I learn a lot myself and have possibility to also share my learnings with colleagues.

I love working in our Rauma office where the whole office has been built based on personnel’s wishes and decisions. Visiting regularly also other Group offices brings a nice variation to daily work. In a dynamic but relaxed working style with the colleagues, we are doing great things on our way to grow together and stay ahead of the game in our journey to become “kings of BIM”.

I find it fantastic that at MagiCAD you can be yourself and stay curious. Work itself is challenging but rewarding. Colleagues are the best that one could wish for and we also know how to have fun together.

Stephanie Borg works in our Gothenburg office as a Marketing Coordinator.

“I’ve been working with MagiCAD almost 4 years and every day I learn new things, especially about the building industry. I started as Marketing Assistant but after a while, my role grew and now I’m working as Marketing Coordinator, mainly for the Swedish market but also supporting the International market.”

What motivates you at work?
“Being able to develop and try new things and of course to see good result. It’s also important to have good colleagues that you can laugh with during the fikas, and that we have! I really like that even though we are not a huge company you’ll have colleagues from all around the world.”

Nihal Samarabandu is Software Engineer working from our Espoo office.

“I joined MagiCAD in April 2004. When I first started, I worked with product modelling and database creation. My position has evolved during the years and currently, my responsibilities include developing MagiCAD for Revit software. I am mostly involved with new Revit product family creation and related new functionalities.

One thing that I appreciate very much is the possibility to work remotely. I was able to work from Sri Lanka and Nepal for 2 years. I think it is great that the company cares about the employees as individuals with our specific needs and capabilities.”

Tomi Harju is one of our new Software Testing Engineers in Rauma.

What motivates you at work?
“As a testing engineer I help developers with creating new features and fixing issues. It is motivating to see that the feedback that comes from our testing team is taken into the product development to make our software even better.”

Can you describe a usual work day?
“My usual work day consists of checking tasks accompanied with a nice cup of cappuccino. From time to time, I get away from my desk to flex my upper body and play a billiard game with colleagues.”

What is the best part of your work?
“It’s definitely freedom to schedule my own work and the possibility to work remotely. The work atmosphere at MagiCAD is spectacular. There’s lots of laughter in one day.”

“I’ve worked at MagiCAD for almost 15 years and I’m still happy to come to work every morning,” says Riitta Korri, our Technical Director for Product Data.

“Currently, I’m managing the Product Data department that is responsible for product modelling, product data solutions and MagiCloud service. During my career I have however worked with different aspects of product data including the development of our unique product data concept, modelling BIM objects, sales and running teams and projects.”

“The best part of my work is definitely working with people – seeing that the company is full of MagiMakers who enjoy working closely together. It is a joy to be in contact with our manufacturer customers to better understand their needs and share the MEP/BIM knowledge we have in house to find the best solutions for them.”

“I can truly say that I have been growing with the company. From my experience, I encourage people to be open-minded and grab the different opportunities. Learning by doing is definitely the way to go and for this, MagiCAD offers extremely good possibilities as an international fast growing company.”

Diego Tresoldi is the newest member of our Italian team. He is responsible for MagiCAD sales and customer relationships in Northern Italy. Diego has more than 15 years of experience in managing and sales in the publishing business. Attracted by new technologies and innovative ideas, he now meets the challenge of working for an IT company with great enthusiasm and commitment.

“Interest in Italy towards BIM is increasing rapidly. More and more, engineering firms are evaluating its use. MagiCAD for Revit also, has been a great success. Customers have found enormous immediate benefits in MagiCAD and this has made Italy a strategic country for MagiCAD. In Italy, we have a good predisposition and market factors for becoming the leading provider for MEP design solutions.”

Fred van Schaik is our DACH Area Manager based in Germany.

“For more than three decades, I have gathered a lot of experience and knowledge about design, calculations and implementation of new information technologies in the the construction industry. At MagiCAD, we are very enthusiastic about Information and cloud technologies. We believe that we can make a difference by providing MEP engineering tools for optimisation planning, construction and BIM communication processes.

One of the greatest values of MagiCAD is to Stay Curious. For me, curiosity and passion are vital every day. Part of my daily job is to present MagiCAD’s value proposition to different people. This is a good opportunity for me to travel and meet interesting people with great ideas. My aim is to fully support the resellers and customers in realising their ideas, objectives and creating win-win situations.”

Matilda Hagström is our Area Sales Manager for the southern part of Sweden. She’s been working in our Gothenburg office for almost 3 years.

“Talking to positive colleagues and satisfied customers every day motivates me to go to work. I know our products increase the productivity for our customers. My work days are different – some days I spend at the office, other days I travel and visit customers in my region.

The absolute best part of my work is to do customer visits, see how they work and how we can help them to create better buildings. We have continuous product development to enable us to offer our customers the best product every day. We work and grow together every day.”

Timo Salo is the Production Manager of our Software Solutions team in Turku. The team consists of 18 people developing tailored software for our manufacturer customers.

What motivates you at work?
“Reasonable challenges, work environment including colleagues and coffee.”

How is MagiCAD different from other companies?
“Warm family like place with sturdiness of a big company.”

Describe your usual work day
“I communicate with customers, team mates, other parts of MagiCAD and try to help make everyone’s day a little easier.”

What is the best part of your work?
“Results with good feedback.”

Andreas Flyborg is our Area Manager for Scandinavia serving our manufacturer customers. He worked at MagiCAD Group in customer services for 4 years before joining the sales team 9 months ago.

“I love working at our Gothenburg office. Colleagues are great. I also love that we are so international. In my team alone, BIM services for manufacturers, there’s four of us; Juha-Matti from Finland, Ina from Germany, Ruggero from Italy and me from Sweden. Four people from four different countries. MagiCAD is a multi-national company and we learn so much from each other.”

Taina Parm moved to Turku two years ago after having lived her whole life in the capital area. Though, it was only after starting working at MagiCAD as Sales Services Coordinator when Turku truly became her new home town.

“I am happy to start my work days with a cup of coffee and laid-back but extremely professional colleagues from all around the globe who are always up for the challenge. Working atmosphere is encouraging and motivating and we also celebrate success together.

I appreciate my colleagues’ way to stay curious and take part in the AfterWork Yoga class that I get to teach them every now and then in Turku, Espoo and Rauma offices. With possibility to improve one’s skills by relevant courses and training and having the needed work equipment it is easy to be ahead of the game!”

Jukka Nyman is the Managing Director of MagiCAD and he’s working in our office in Espoo, Finland. Jukka has been the lead for accelerating our growth and internationalisation. What motivates him most at work?”Joining MagiCAD around three years ago has been an excellent choice for me, as here I can honestly say that I am able to make a real difference – helping our customers to create better buildings. This, and the possibility to develop our company to the next global level, is something that really motivates me and gets me out of bed swiftly every morning.”

Jukka has over 15 years in executive and management roles from international technology companies. What’s unique about MagiCAD?

“What is very different in MagiCAD is the closeness, friendliness and supportive work atmosphere, which really makes you feel welcomed every single day. Working together with a great team in the best company in our industry is something that is a true diffentiator for us. This has even tangible proof points in MagiCAD’s Great Place To Work results.”