Nihal Samarabandu is Software Engineer working from our Espoo office.
“I joined Progman in April 2004. When I first started, I worked with product modelling and database creation. My position has evolved during the years and currently, my responsibilities include developing MagiCAD for Revit software. I am mostly involved with new Revit product family creation and related new functionalities.
One thing that I appreciate very much is the possibility to work remotely. I was able to work from Sri Lanka and Nepal for 2 years. I think it is great that the company cares about the employees as individuals with our specific needs and capabilities.”


Tomi Harju is one of our new Software Testing Engineers in Rauma.

What motivates you at work?
“As a testing engineer I help developers with creating new features and fixing issues. It is motivating to see that the feedback that comes from our testing team is taken into the product development to make our software even better.”

Can you describe a usual work day?
“My usual work day consists of checking tasks accompanied with a nice cup of cappuccino. From time to time, I get away from my desk to flex my upper body and play a billiard game with colleagues.”

What is the best part of your work?
“It’s definitely freedom to schedule my own work and the possibility to work remotely. The work atmosphere at Progman is spectacular. There’s lots of laughter in one day.”

“I’ve worked at Progman for almost 15 years and I’m still happy to come to work every morning,” says Riitta Korri, our Technical Director for Product Data.

“Currently, I’m managing the Product Data department that is responsible for product modelling, product data solutions and MagiCloud service. During my career I have however worked with different aspects of product data including the development of our unique product data concept, modelling BIM objects, sales and running teams and projects.”

“The best part of my work is definitely working with people – seeing that the company is full of MagiMakers who enjoy working closely together. It is a joy to be in contact with our manufacturer customers to better understand their needs and share the MEP/BIM knowledge we have in house to find the best solutions for them.”

“I can truly say that I have been growing with the company. From my experience, I encourage people to be open-minded and grab the different opportunities. Learning by doing is definitely the way to go and for this, Progman offers extremely good possibilities as an international fast growing company.”

Diego Tresoldi is the newest member of our Italian team. He is responsible for MagiCAD sales and customer relationships in Northern Italy. Diego has more than 15 years of experience in managing and sales in the publishing business. Attracted by new technologies and innovative ideas, he now meets the challenge of working for an IT company with great enthusiasm and commitment.

“Interest in Italy towards BIM is increasing rapidly. More and more, engineering firms are evaluating its use. MagiCAD for Revit also, has been a great success. Customers have found enormous immediate benefits in MagiCAD and this has made Italy a strategic country for Progman. In Italy, we have a good predisposition and market factors for becoming the leading provider for MEP design solutions.”

Teemu Pirttikoski is our System Specialist in the Rauma office. His responsibilities include configuration, planning and maintenance of our servers and IT infrastructure.

“In my work, I like the fact that it allows me to do what I enjoy and to help software developers bring their visions to reality. It’s exciting to work with the fast-developing Microsoft Azure platform. We use Azure in collaboration with Glodon and it has been really nice to be able to work in close cooperation with our colleagues in China. Microsoft Azure and its PowerShell technology represent important developments in the field, and the upcoming Windows Server 2019 will provide us with many new possibilities, for example in terms of how on-premises software and cloud-based solutions can work together”, Teemu says.

To counterbalance working with technology, Teemu enjoys playing billiards with colleagues, throwing darts and relaxing in the office massage chair.

Johanna Jilsen is Office Manager and Customer Services Representative located in our Gothenburg office.

What is your main responsibility?
“I’m in constant communication with the sales team about the layout and timing of our MagiCAD training courses and finding ways to best meet our customers’ needs through them. Coordinating the timetables of customers, technicians and training locations can be tricky. Fortunately, that is one of the things I find very rewarding in my job – finding a solution for someone’s problem that works well for all parties.”

What do you find special about Progman?
“It’s the first workplace where it has been openly communicated that it is okay to make mistakes and that they are seen as opportunities for improvement. Knowing that no one is asking for perfection when I’m trying something new has made me feel safe here. It’s easier to be curious for new challenges. I also want to mention that my colleagues are always supporting and sharing their knowledge with me. They are a big part of making me feel safe and happy at work.”

Fred van Schaik is our DACH Area Manager based in Germany.

“For more than three decades, I have gathered a lot of experience and knowledge about design, calculations and implementation of new information technologies in the the construction industry. At Progman, we are very enthusiastic about Information and cloud technologies. We believe that we can make a difference by providing MEP engineering tools for optimisation planning, construction and BIM communication processes.

One of the greatest values of Progman is to Stay Curious. For me, curiosity and passion are vital every day. Part of my daily job is to present MagiCAD’s value proposition to different people. This is a good opportunity for me to travel and meet interesting people with great ideas. My aim is to fully support the resellers and customers in realising their ideas, objectives and creating win-win situations.”

Petra Heltonen joined Progman three months ago and she’s working as a Channel Sales Manager. Petra and her team work together with our partners in Central Europe and Asia-Pacific region.

What are your thoughts as one of the newest MagiMakers at Progman?

“This is an excellent time to join Progman when the BIM trend and knowledge in the industry are growing fast. It’s super interesting to explore how we all can benefit from BIM and how our partners work together with end customers.

It’s really energizing to work with people from different countries and cultures. Working together with different teams, supporting each other and learning – that’s what motivates me in my daily work.”

Matilda Hagström is our Area Sales Manager for the southern part of Sweden. She’s been working in our Gothenburg office for almost 3 years.

“Talking to positive colleagues and satisfied customers every day motivates me to go to work. I know our products increase the productivity for our customers. My work days are different – some days I spend at the office, other days I travel and visit customers in my region.

The absolute best part of my work is to do customer visits, see how they work and how we can help them to create better buildings. We have continuous product development to enable us to offer our customers the best product every day. We work and grow together every day.”

Timo Salo is the Production Manager of our Software Solutions team in Turku. The team consists of 18 people developing tailored software for our manufacturer customers.

What motivates you at work?
“Reasonable challenges, work environment including colleagues and coffee.”

How is Progman different from other companies?
“Warm family like place with sturdiness of a big company.”

Describe your usual work day
“I communicate with customers, team mates, other parts of Progman and try to help make everyone’s day a little easier.”

What is the best part of your work?
“Results with good feedback.”

Andreas Flyborg is our Area Manager for Scandinavia serving our manufacturer customers. He worked at Progman Group in customer services for 4 years before joining the sales team 9 months ago.

“I love working at our Gothenburg office. Colleagues are great. I also love that we are so international. In my team alone, BIM services for manufacturers, there’s four of us; Juha-Matti from Finland, Ina from Germany, Ruggero from Italy and me from Sweden. Four people from four different countries. Progman is a multi-national company and we learn so much from each other.”

Taina Parm moved to Turku two years ago after having lived her whole life in the capital area. Though, it was only after starting working at Progman as Sales Services Coordinator when Turku truly became her new home town.

“I am happy to start my work days with a cup of coffee and laid-back but extremely professional colleagues from all around the globe who are always up for the challenge. Working atmosphere is encouraging and motivating and we also celebrate success together.

I appreciate my colleagues’ way to stay curious and take part in the AfterWork Yoga class that I get to teach them every now and then in Turku, Espoo and Rauma offices. With possibility to improve one’s skills by relevant courses and training and having the needed work equipment it is easy to be ahead of the game!”

Jukka Nyman is the Managing Director of Progman and he’s working in our office in Espoo, Finland. Jukka has been the lead for accelerating our growth and internationalisation. What motivates him most at work?”Joining Progman around three years ago has been an excellent choice for me, as here I can honestly say that I am able to make a real difference – helping our customers to create better buildings. This, and the possibility to develop our company to the next global level, is something that really motivates me and gets me out of bed swiftly every morning.”

Jukka has over 15 years in executive and management roles from international technology companies. What’s unique about Progman?

“What is very different in Progman is the closeness, friendliness and supportive work atmosphere, which really makes you feel welcomed every single day. Working together with a great team in the best company in our industry is something that is a true diffentiator for us. This has even tangible proof points in Progman’s Great Place To Work results.”