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A centralized platform for construction management and information handling in building projects.

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As a data hub for construction projects, Gsite connects all project participants to a centralised construction management platform. Users include Operatives, Supervisors, Project managers, Engineers, as well as all other members of the Construction team.

With a powerful mobile application and web browser interface it enables users to be as mobile as the construction project requires while still being able to work on the same tasks when back at the office. Built on three powerful modules, it works excellent for small or large projects. Gsite has been used in over 30 000 construction projects around the world.

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Top 25 Contech Partners

Gsite Top25 Contech Partners

We are delighted to announce that Gsite is shortlisted as one of the Top 25 Contech Partners by Build in Digital!

The ranking of the top 25 will be decided through a combination of a judges panel and a secure online voting system.

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All in one
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A single unified construction management platform

The more solutions you are using, the harder it is to combine their data for full visibility into the project status. Employing multiple tools also requires specific competencies and additional administration work, which may limit the adoption level and acceptance of the site team.

Gsite eliminates these challenges and provides a single, easy to use unified construction management platform. It allows you to handle multiple use-cases, tasks, and operations from a single application with integrated instant communication functions.

All project information is stored in the Gsite Cloud and stakeholders always have access to the same up-to-date information, leading to more transparency and better-connected teams.

Gsite users include Operatives, Supervisors, Project managers, Engineers, as well as all other members of the Construction team.

Issue Management
Assign and collaborate on snags or specific control points from checklists. This will help the team in saving time and reducing costs.
Design and create the checklists that your project needs. For example, quality, inspections, assurances or commissioning.
Documents and Files
A complete document server. Store and share project files according to the project’s needs.
Create and define workflows and forms according to each project’s processes. Take control and digitize your permits, certificates and site diary entries and much more.
Use the built-in model reader to more easily grasp complicated solutions and events.
Automatic compilation and visualization of information at both an individual project level and at an overall company level.

Gsite nominated for `Construction Software of The Year´

Gsite - Construction Software of The Year


Nominated for `Construction Software of the Year´ 2022.

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30 000 projects all over the globe