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A centralized platform for construction management and information handling in building projects.

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Glodon Gsite is used in over 30,000 construction projects all over the globe. With a powerful mobile application and web browser interface it enables users to be as mobile as the construction project requires while still being able to work on the same tasks when back at the office.

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Cost and time savings in projects with Gsite

less time spent on administration
more information documented with the same effort
increased efficiency finding the right information and its context
piece of mind with tailored onboarding & training plans

A single unified construction management platform

The more solutions you are using, the harder it is to combine their data for full visibility into the project status. Employing multiple tools also requires specific competencies and additional administration work, which may limit the adoption level and acceptance of the site team.

Gsite eliminates these challenges and provides a single, easy to use unified construction management platform. It allows you to handle multiple use-cases, tasks, and operations from a single application with integrated instant communication functions.

All project information is stored in the Gsite Cloud and stakeholders always have access to the same up-to-date information, leading to more transparency and better-connected teams.

The built-in instant communication feature allows all project members to communicate in real-time on anything from a recorded quality or safety issue to the contents of the next planning meeting.

All communication is saved centrally and linked to the relevant issues or tasks. This simplifies backtracking considerably, whereas with traditional communication tools it is almost impossible to retrieve all the related information and context for a specific issue or discussion.


Gsite Field

Quality and safety module

When you are on-site checking a project there’s no need to worry about remembering each issue in detail or to collect information on various handwritten notes that are easily misplaced. With the Gsite mobile app any issue or event can easily be photographed or filmed, categorized, and then assigned to the correct person directly on your smartphone. Communication delays are minimized and all the information is accessible to everyone in your project at all times.

Storing project data digitally through the Gsite app simplifies the management of different protocols and documentation. Since all the information is readily available in the system, producing required documentation only takes a couple of clicks.

Statistics on recorded issues, their categories, responsible subcontractors, etc. are automatically collected into dashboards that help you identify trends and developments in your project.

The Task Management module provides a comprehensive overview of the day-to-day project progress. The activities and tasks in the project’s overall schedule are readily available in the system and can be followed up on-site. This makes reporting on weekly tasks much easier since any information, such as delays, amount of workers, work log, photos, comments, etc. can be recorded to each activity directly in the Gsite mobile app.

Having all the information on delays and general progress for each individual subcontractor available in a centralized system improves project transparency and enables a seamless report creation process.

All the recorded information is automatically summarized and displayed in several dashboard options, lists, and Gantt schedules.

Gsite Progress

Task Management module

Gsite Track

Component Tracking module

The Component Tracking module is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to control the tracking process and to follow materials and processes on-site in a visual and clear way.

Tracking materials, such as prefabricated elements, can be challenging, but with the ability to link QR-codes to individual elements everyone can follow them on the Gsite app through the entire supply chain from the factory to the final installation. As soon as the QR-code is scanned, the BIM-model, if one has been created for the project, is automatically updated with the location of the respective element.

Component tracking allows everyone to always have the latest information available on changes and events related to the tracked elements or processes. By providing a visual view of the current status, the module also makes it simple to give your stakeholders a quick report on how the project is proceeding.