Glodon Gsite

A centralized platform for construction management and information handling in building projects.

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3 Powerful Modules

Gsite Field
Manage quality and safety issues, chat, share documents, create custom checklists, forms, workflows, reports, dashboards and more.
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Gsite Progress
Provides a comprehensive overview of the day-to-day project progress.
Create, collaborate and follow-up on plans, tasks & status across both site & office.

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Gsite Track
A powerful and flexible tool to control the tracking of materials and processes on-site in a clear, simple and visual way.
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Gsite Field

Managed Forms, Issues, Processes & Documents

With Gsite, any issue or event can easily be captured and assigned to the correct party directly via smartphone or the cloud. Information, files and documents are accessible to everyone, from any device, while creating and storing construction forms and checklists with prebuilt workflows. This can vastly simplify site operations, reduce risk with audit trails and help you become paperless.

Instant On-Site Communications

Communicate directly with individuals, teams or groups through the Gsite app or cloud site.
Communication on snags, safety issues or tasks are updated in real-time, giving access to the latest information and discussions. In addition, everything is automatically saved and stored in categorized conversations in the cloud.

Reports, Dashboards and Insights

Create personal, project & company dashboards giving you an instant, clear picture of your current status.
Follow site & subcontractor performance separately to identify actionable trends early.
Information can even be visualized on a BIM model or drawings to provide a clearer picture of problem areas at a glance.

Gsite Progress

Improve Project Control

Controlling your project via live plans, tasks & status reporting keeps your team & sub-contractors all on the same page. With real-time dashboards & Gantt schedules you can switch between overview and detailed information effortlessly, from anywhere.

Communicate and Coordinate at Each Step of the Project

Keep your project running smoothly day-to-day via tailored tasks and reporting for both colleagues and contractors. Reporting weekly is instant since information such as delays, work logs, photos and comments are recorded to each activity directly in the Gsite app.

Reporting, Work History, Changes and Responsibilities

Gsite quickly becomes a golden thread showing the projects past, present and future status. As a centralised system, complications, disputes & variations can be resolved more effectively when all of the information, actions, reports and communication is logged.

Gsite Track

Advanced Project Tracking

Gsite track is the link between BIM objects and their physical counterparts, linking elements of a project to where they exist on the model allows for greater clarity and understanding of the information, status and progress of each item.

QR Linking

Tracking plant, materials or prefabricated elements is challenging, by generating QR-codes linked to those items, they can be followed from manufacture to installation easily. As the QR-code is scanned, the item can be updated, checked or located, with the status available via the BIM-model.

BIM Model Visualisation

Being flexible & adapting to the projects unique workflows enables the complex status of progress, issues & planning to be made clear & easy to follow against the BIM Model.

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