MagiCAD Electrical Calculations for Revit

The first solution to offer integrated electrical building services calculations directly from the Revit model

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MagiCAD for Revit now enables you to perform integrated electrical calculations directly from the Revit model, complete with bidirectional flow of data between the calculations and the Revit project.

The wide range of electrical calculations includes cable sizing, voltage drop, and short-circuit calculations, as well as defining the protective devices directly via the Revit project. MagiCAD automatically gathers all the relevant data from the Revit project, which means that you only need to use a single interface for entering or editing the data. All of the calculation data can be accessed from MagiCAD’s Electrical Calculations dialog, where you can modify the data and update the results to the Revit parameters quickly and easily. Since MagiCAD now includes Schneider’s Electric Ecodial calculation engine, it is also possible to export the project to Schneider Electric Ecodial Advance Calculation software for further fine-tuning.

MagiCAD Electrical fully integrates with the user interface of Revit software. MagiCAD Electrical automates many frequently required electrical design tasks on Revit, and can shorten the typical run-through time of electrical design projects by 30% or more.


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Integrated Engineering Calculations

  • Using MagiCAD Electrical, electrical designers can now perform comprehensive electrical building services calculations directly in Revit
  • Enables electrical designers to benefit from Revit’s significant collaborative Building Information Modelling (BIM) capabilities without compromising on electrical design and calculation functions
  • Removes the need for using separate electrical calculation software
  • The possibility to perform electrical calculations is a major extension to the electrical design capabilities of the native Autodesk Revit platform
  • MagiCAD Electrical offers a wide range of electrical calculations, such as cable sizing, voltage drop, and short-circuit calculations, as well as the use of protective devices directly via the Revit project

Advanced Modelling Tools

MagiCAD Electrical offers a complete BIM solution for the design and calculation of electrical, lighting, telecommunication and data systems.

  • BIM object libraries
    access to MagiCAD’s BIM object libraries containing a wide range of electrical products with correct geometries and technical data
  • Cable Tray and Conduit Drawing Setup
    All-in-one tools for fast configuration of routing preferences for containment modelling
  • Routing tools
    Specifically developed tools for dramatic productivity improvement
  • Product Selection and Installation Tools
    For quickly and accurately selecting the correct product
  • DIALux Import and Export Tool
    Enables exporting from Revit to DIALux
  • Handling of Supply Cable Routes
    Enables the user to configure and draw wires accurately and according to the local presentation standard.
  • Symbol Organizer Tool
    Enables designers working with 3D models to support traditional demand for 2D symbols
  • Switch Board Schematics
    Makes possible generation of switch board schematics based on circuit connections in a selected panel board in Revit

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Productivity-enhancing Functions

All discipline-specific MagiCAD applications come with a shared layer of productivity-enhancing MagiCAD functions.

  • Builderswork openings tool
    A Builderswork tool that enables BIM workflow with other parties
  • Split Segment Tool
    Used for cutting ducts, pipes or trays into standard lengths
  • Running Index Tool
    Numbers the components and equipment with unique configurable numbering formats
  • Parameter Configuration and Merge
    Merges parameters automatically
  • Spreadsheet Link Tool
    Makes it easy to import and export information
  • Find and Replace
    Enables replacing any product type with another similar one
  • BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) Manager
    Enables collaboration in a BIM project
  • IFC Export and Property Set Manager
    Exports files according to IFC 2×3 v.2 or IFC 4
  • Legend tool
    Creates and updates legends according to your configuration
  • Clean-up and Deliver tool
    Enables removal of all manufacture specific information from the project

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