MagiCAD webinars are a fast way to learn about MagiCAD and its functionality. Our webinars include an introduction to the MagiCAD concept as well as a live technical demonstration of MagiCAD’s principal features. Meanwhile manufacturer customers can join the webinars to learn more about MagiCloud service portfolio for manufacturers.

Webinar Date Time Register
MagiCAD for Revit – Sprinkler Modelling Tools and Design Calculations 30.08.2017 9:30 AM (GMT) Register

Recorded Webinars

MagiCAD for Revit

06.07.2017 MagiCAD for Revit – Using MagiCAD for Electrical Early Stage Design

08.06.2017 In Italian: Introduzione al MagiCAD per Revit Ventilation

31.05.2017 MagiCAD for Revit – Supports & Hangers

17.05.2017 MagiCAD for Revit – Electrical Circuiting and Wiring

03.05.2017 MagiCAD for Revit – Drainage Design and Calculations to UK Standards

12.04.2017 MagiCAD for Revit – Common and General Revit Productivity tools

21.03.2017 MagiCAD for Revit – UK Standards & Localisation

07.03.2017 Using MagiCAD for early stage concept design and other applications

07.02.2017 Utilising Plugins, including AHUs and indoor climate control products

26.01.2017 MagiCAD 2016.11 Electrical for Revit – Top New Features

24.01.2017 MagiCAD 2016.11 for Revit – Top New Features for HVAC

24.01.2017 Piping – Domestic Water Services Design to UK Standards

10.01.2017 Piping, Heating & Cooling, Sizing & Balancing Calculations

20.12.2016 Ventilation Sizing Balancing Calculations

06.12.2016 Use of Cable Packets in Electrical Circuiting

22.11.2016 Device Connection Tools for Piping and Ventilation systems

08.11.2016 MagiCreate – a tool for creating data rich MEP content

13.10.2016 Spreadsheet Import Export Tool

30.09.2016 Move to Revit – Let Autodesk and Progman explain how

27.09.2016 Dialux Revit Interface for Lighting Design

13.09.2016 Builderswork Tool

06.07.2016 Introduction to MagiCAD Support and Hangers

27.06.2016 Introduction to MagiCAD Electrical

23.06.2016 Introduction to MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer

15.06.2016 Introduction to MagiCAD Piping and Ventilation

MagiCAD for AutoCAD

22.02.2017 Introduction to MagiCAD Electrical

12.01.2017 MagiCAD 2016.11 Electrical for AutoCAD – Top New Features

10.01.2017 MagiCAD 2016.11 for AutoCAD – Top New Features for HVAC

25.01.2016 Introduction to MagiCAD Piping and Ventilation

21.10.2015 Introduction to MagiCAD Circuit Designer

26.10.2015 Introduction to MagiCAD System Designer

05.10.2015 Introduction to MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer

30.09.2015 Introduction to MagiCAD Comfort & Energy

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