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MagiCAD 2021 Update Release 2

1. Easy radiator installation with radiator connection sets


You can now install radiators to a drawing using radiator connection sets that include all the components needed for the radiator connection. Ready-to-use connection sets make it much easier to perform radiator connections and compare connection alternatives.

Radiator connection sets are available in the radiator installation dialog as a new product category and the function shows connection set alternatives suited for the radiator’s own connectors.

Additionally, users can now select a stop valve together with a radiator valve for radiators.

2. Improvements to Running Index

Piping, Ventilation, Electrical, Sprinkler

New improvements to the Running Index function considerably reduce the amount of needed numbering rules and improve their efficiency. You can now assign a Running Index numbering rule for several different groups within a project. For example, several groups are often created in electrical design with a different group for each panel in the project. You can now simply assign the same numbering rule for all the groups instead of creating the numbering separately for each one. In addition, you can perform room-specific numbering by allowing the same indexes of a numbering rule to be used in different rooms.

3. Additional system variables

Piping, Ventilation, Electrical, Sprinkler

The number of system variables available in MagiCAD has been increased from 6 to 10.

4. New section symbol

Piping, Ventilation, Electrical, Sprinkler

A new section symbol used in the Russian market area has been added to MagiCAD.

5. Define suspension lengths for pendant luminaires


The new version of MagiCAD supports pendant luminaire models with adjustable suspension lengths. You can define a suspension length for these luminaires during installation in order to adjust the luminaire bottom level to the correct elevation from the floor. The suspension lengths of existing luminaires can be edited afterwards with the Part Properties and Change Properties functions.

6. Change project for multiple drawings


Large-scale projects and projects involving multiple companies are often divided into multiple smaller models and system specific drawings, which need to later be combined into a main model. You can now merge multiple drawings simultaneously into a project with the Change project function, whereas previously this had to be done one drawing at a time. Bringing multiple drawings to a new project as a batch saves time in updating separately performed design work to a central model and helps ensure that all needed drawings are included in the merge.

7. Use an absolute coordinate system in electrical design


You can now use an absolute coordinate system when placing electrical objects and changing their elevations with modification functions. This addition allows designers to select the most suitable coordinate system for each situation when specifying locations. Previously, only the current floor coordinate system was available.

8. Customize Room and Zone lists in MagiCAD Room


Room and Zone lists in the MagiCAD Room module include a large number of columns for different types of information that is included, which can make it hard to get a proper overview of specific data. You can now customize the lists and select only the needed columns to be displayed.

9. Use pre-configured symbols for easy creation of air handling unit schematic drawings


Creating schematic drawings for air handling units includes a lot of tedious and repetitive work in drawing cables and creating connections to building automation systems. All of this information can now be included in symbol definitions. This means that when you place a symbol to the schematic drawing, MagiCAD will draw the accompanying cables and connection points automatically without any manual work.

The symbol definition dialog includes properties for building automation connections and allows you to select the symbol presentation for each connection. Once configured, they are automatically included when the symbol is placed into an air handling unit schematic drawing.

The presentation of the schematic drawing can also be fully customized. Existing symbols can be used for marking building automation connection points, if needed, and the drawing layout can be customized by simply editing the AutoCAD block in your drawing template.

10. Create custom reports from circuit schematic drawings

Circuit designer

A new Report function in Circuit Designer allows you to create custom reports from circuit schematic drawings. You can define report templates for specific devices or components in the settings for circuit schematic drawings and then select the ready templates in the Report function. The report templates can also be copied from one drawing to another, making it easy and flexible to use them for recurring report types.