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MagiCAD 2022 Update Release 1

1. New options for configuring and creating automatic running indexes

Piping, Ventilation, Sprinkler, Electrical

The Running Index function includes a wide range of new options that speed up the index creation process, enable better customization of numbering and allow you to create indexes for entire drawings. You can also set running indexes to follow the selected AutoCAD User Coordinate System, allowing you to influence how the indexing proceeds, for example, if the building geometry affects the indexing order.

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2. Add multiple products to a project with MagiCAD Connect

Piping, Ventilation, Sprinkler, Electrical

Improvements to the MagiCAD Connect workflow allow you to add multiple products to a project. The MagiCAD Connect window stays open when adding new products so you can select multiple products without restarting the function. The window also shows the products you have already added, making it easier to keep track of selected products.

3. Add descriptions to report and legend templates

Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler, Electrical

Template names have a limit of 40 characters, which is not always enough to properly explain the contents of complex reports. You can now add a description of 255 characters to each report and legend template that allows you to provide additional information about them.

Description texts are shown in the project management window and as tooltips when selecting report or legend templates. When you open a template, the description is shown in a text field within the template, allowing you to quickly see that you have selected the correct one.

4. Updated Find and Replace function

Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler

The updated Find and Replace function supports many new part types and allows you to replace parts in multiple drawings simultaneously. To help with overview, the function also provides a listing of all projected replacements and a preview window where you can view the results before accepting the changes.

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5. Edit object properties in multiple drawings simultaneously

Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler

You can now use the Change Properties function to edit objects in multiple drawings simultaneously without opening each drawing individually and repeating the workflow. A new Selected drawings option for Object selection allows you to freely select the drawings where the changes will be made. This is particularly useful, for example when you want to lock or unlock sizes for ducts or pipes in the whole project.

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6. View insulation for fittings in 1D presentation

Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler

The 1D presentation of duct and pipe networks now includes insulation for fittings, whereas earlier versions of the presentation only showed insulation for segments. This allows insulation to be viewed for all parts of the network in both plan and axonometric views.

7. Object comments and Running Index columns added to calculation reports

Ventilation, Piping

Object Comments and Running Index columns have been added to all calculation reports. You can select the displayed columns by right-clicking the column title row. Column selection allows you to choose what to include in reports, as the amount of data can sometimes make it hard to find the relevant information or to print the reports clearly.

8. Improvements to Change Properties

Electrical, Circuit Designer

In MagiCAD Electrical, you can use Change Properties to change object variables and status for all selected objects simultaneously regardless of their system type. This applies to cables, cable trays, conduits, switchboards, devices and combination boxes.

In Circuit Designer, Change Properties now maintains existing IDs in situations where you change numbering rules for contactors and the new numbering rule does not contain an ID for a part in the existing contactor.

9. Adjust sprinkler pipe sizes directly in calculation report


You can now change sprinkler pipe sizes directly in the sprinkler network calculation report and then recalculate with the new pipe sizes. Simply right-click the appropriate line in the System results window and select a new pipe size in the dialog that opens. The new pipe size applies to all pipes and fittings between the sprinkler system nodes of the selected section (nodes 28 to 29 in the pictures).

10. View calculated power information in radiator Part Properties


Calculated power output information is now available in the radiator Part Properties window. The calculated data allows you to view how room temperature affects the radiator power output compared to the design power output. Previously, this information was available during radiator selection, but could not be viewed after installation.