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MagiCAD 2022 Update Release 2

1. Set up and use classification systems

Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler, Electrical

The new version of MagiCAD for AutoCAD introduces new functionalities and a workflow that enable users to set up and use different classification systems. This helps, in particular, to include various national classification systems into projects. Once a classification standard has been added to the project, products can be mapped to the classification when they are added to a project. When the products are later installed, the classification codes and parameters are then automatically added to the products. In case of changes to the classification information, the new information can be updated to the products in the drawings.

2. Customize the colour presentation for objects in exported IFC files

Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler, Electrical

The colour in the 3D-layer or Status option is now used for objects in exported IFC files. This gives users much more flexibility to customize the colour presentation for IFC files in order to highlight desired system elements and to make the files easier to read. Previously, the System colour was used for all objects in a system.

3. Select whether to include unit signs in reports

Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler, Electrical

In the Ventilation and Piping modules, unit signs for many attributes were automatically included in reports, whereas in the Electrical module unit signs were never included, which could be confusing.

You can now select whether to include the unit signs for attributes in reports, allowing you to create uniform reports and to highlight units when needed.

4. View product properties and diagrams during product installation

Piping, Ventilation, Sprinkler

Product properties and diagrams are now available directly in the product installation dialog. This makes it easier to view all relevant information when installing products. Previously, users needed to right-click a product in the installation dialog list and select Properties to access the same information.

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5. Improved size selection when changing duct or pipe series during drawing

Ventilation, Piping, Sprinkler

When you change the duct or pipe series during drawing and the currently used duct or pipe size is not available, the size is set to the closest available one in the new series. Previously, the size was set to the smallest one in the new series.

6. New underfloor heating function


The new Underfloor heating function allows you to quickly and easily draw underfloor heating loops into a selected area or room. You can select between different ready installation configurations and the function also includes a wide range of options that allow you to further adjust the pipes.

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7. Improved multi-pipe drawing for devices


The multi-pipe drawing option has now been enabled or pipe alignment has been corrected for the following device types:

  • Heating and cooling plants
  • Radiators with bottom connectors
  • Radiator connection sets
  • Climate beams
  • Fan coil units
  • Manifolds

The multi-pipe drawing option was previously either unavailable for these devices or resulted in misaligned pipes.

8. Copy and update objects between drawings


The new Connections to Master DWG feature allows you to copy selected objects from one drawing to another and update the information between them. Object data can be updated to either direction between the objects and object location can be updated from the original to the copied object. This feature helps to create drawing versions for specific purposes, for example, plotting layouts with a bigger symbol scale for the objects.

9. Connect sideways-oriented sprinklers with the Sprinkler connection tool


You can now connect multiple sideways-oriented sprinklers to pipes simultaneously with the Inline connection option in the Sprinkler connection tool. The other two connection options (Antenna connection and Grid connection) are not available for sideways-oriented sprinklers. Previously, each sideways-oriented sprinkler had to be connected manually.

10. View Gross and Net area in room lists


Gross and Net areas are now available in room lists as columns. The Gross and Net area information is also included when the floor data is saved to an Excel file.