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MagiCAD 2023 includes all of the new features and improvements from previous MagiCAD releases. Please see also the feature highlights from the latest MagiCAD 2022 UR-1 and UR-2 releases.

Note: MagiCAD 2023 for Revit is currently available for Autodesk Revit 2019-2022. A Revit 2023 compatible version of MagiCAD will be released at a later date. Read more here.

MagiCAD 2023

1. Connection nodes between models


In large Revit projects, models are often divided into multiple smaller files to resolve performance issues. However, since MEP systems often run through many, or all, of the separate model files, this approach prevents running calculations for complete MEP systems.

Connection nodes between models allow you to link systems in separate model files for calculation purposes. There are two methods for adding the connection nodes, manual and automatic. In manual linking you can select the ducts that you want to link in each file. In automatic linking, a linked duct node is automatically imported into the same location in the corresponding model, and you can continue drawing the system from it.

Connection nodes between models was released earlier as a beta version and it is now officially released in MagiCAD 2023 with the following additions:

  • Models do not need to be open for sizing or balancing calculation. A new Calculate this model only selection allows you to perform the calculation using previously calculated values for connection nodes linking to other models.
  • Possibility to add an ID number and comments to connection nodes

Connection nodes between models

2. Space-based selection and installation of air terminals


MagiCAD 2023 introduces a new generative tool for space-based selection and installation of air terminals. You can simply define selection criteria and installation settings and the tool calculates the best available product and layout combinations for the selected space. You can then evaluate the different options and either install a suitable combination or modify the requirements further if needed. There are three different installation options—Space, Space with Rotation, and Space with Ceiling—to accommodate different room shapes and mounting types.

Space-based selection and installation of air terminals

3. Riser creation tool

Ventilation, Piping, Electrical

A new Height Level Riser tool allows you to quickly and easily create single risers in order to make space reservations into floor plans. You can set top and bottom elevations for the riser manually or select reference segments from the model. Multi storey risers can be split by level and created segments will be assigned to levels, this will help keeping objects in correct levels. The Height Level Riser tool is available in the drawing toolbar.

Riser creation tool MagiCAD 2023 for Revit - Riser creation tool

4. Define selection areas for Bill of Materials

Ventilation, Piping, Electrical

You can now define and name selection areas for Bill of Materials. Simply mark an area in your model and select which floors will be included with top and bottom limits. The saved selection areas are available in range definitions when you create a Bill of Materials.

Using selection areas allows you to easily keep track of changes to the objects in a specific area of the MEP design. Area-specific Bill of Materials lists can also be used to order components in stages according to the installation schedule.

Define selection areas for Bill of Materials

5. Access full MagiCAD Cloud product information directly from MagiCAD

Ventilation, Piping, Electrical

The MagiCAD Cloud content library is constantly growing with new information that is useful for designers when selecting and evaluating products. We have recently added more comprehensive product information and documentation into MagiCAD Cloud, including links to manufacturer documentation, such as installation and maintenance instructions, and ETIM classification codes and related data, in addition to the existing technical data that is required for calculations.

You can now easily access the full MagiCAD Cloud product information directly from MagiCAD with a new Linked Properties option for products. Additionally, if you need to include ETIM class and group codes to products, you can simply use the Additional properties function to bring them into the project.

Access full MagiCAD Cloud product information directly from MagiCAD

6. Line alignment tool for schematic drawings


Align lines in a schematic drawing according to a selected reference line. This allows you to easily produce clear and readable schematics with minimal editing work. Simply select a horizontal or vertical reference line, and then select the lines to be aligned. All existing line and symbol connections are preserved for the aligned lines.

Line alignment tool for schematic drawings

7. Support for Venturi valves


MagiCAD 2023 now supports the installation and calculation with Venturi valves (flow dividers). Venturi valves ensure a certain amount of water flow in domestic water system loops even when an individual tap is not used. This helps maintain the hygiene level of the water by preventing water stagnation at tap points.

Support for Venturi valves

8. Use custom technical values for manifolds


You can now manually add flow, power and pressure drop values to a 2-way manifold. This allows you to easily add manufacturer provided technical data for a manifold, when available, instead of using workarounds, such as creating loops with connection nodes to calculate the values.

Custom values enable many new use cases for 2-way manifolds, such as creating heating loops with manually entered values or performing early phase calculation of preliminary main lines.

Use custom technical values for manifolds

9. Maintain wire connections to 2D symbols when using Symbol Organiser or Find and Replace


When you reorganize product symbols or replace existing products using the Symbol Organiser and Find and Replace functions, the changes to the location or size of the symbols may cause open wire ends. MagiCAD now keeps all wires connected to the 2D symbols by stretching them automatically. This helps avoid open ends in printout views and the appearance of the views can be easily edited further if needed.

Maintain wire connections to 2D symbols when using Symbol Organiser or Find and Replace

10. Evaluate cable tray filling ratios and cable layouts


New cable layout objects allow you to evaluate cable tray filling ratios and preview their suggested cable layout. Each cable layout object can be linked to user defined points on cable packets, in order to identify all cables that need to be laid for a specific section of the cable route. The cable layout object can then be divided into up to five slots to accommodate cables from different systems. The width of each slot and the spacing of the cables in them can be defined freely.

If cable layout objects are also linked to existing cable trays, the total available space for laid cables is automatically determined by the space of the linked cable tray. When cable tray objects are used in early design stages where cable tray sizes and shapes are not yet set, they can simply be left unlinked, and the linking can be done later by editing the cable layout object.

Using cable layout objects to evaluate filling ratios makes it possible to plan the use of separation plates in cable route systems or to reserve space for later additions. You can view the filling ratio and size of each slot on top of the cable layout object and the total weight per meter below it. A view filter can be used to colour the objects in case the worst-case filling ratio exceeds a set limit.

Evaluate cable tray filling ratios and cable layouts

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11. Batch installation of supports and hangers

Supports & Hangers

Batch installation of supports and hangers allows you to automatically install supports and hangers to a duct, pipe, or cable tray network according to custom settings. Using batch installation greatly increases installation efficiency and helps maintain design consistency. The spacing for the support and hanger elements can be defined manually or using pre-set spacing schemes and the placement of the support and hanger elements can be fine-tuned with distance settings for different situations.

MagiCAD 2023 for Revit - Batch installation of supports and hangers

Batch installation of supports and hangers

12. Support for Italian language


MagiCAD 2023 adds an Italian interface. MagiCAD for Revit previously included English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish user interfaces.

13. Support for Microsoft Windows 11


MagiCAD 2023 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11.