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MagiCAD 2023 Update Release 2

1. Maintain vertical distances between segments in Multi crossing

Ventilation, Piping, Electrical

Multi crossing tool now maintains the vertical distance between pipe, duct, or cable-tray segments during the crossing by giving each segment their own relative offset. The segments were previously placed on the same offset during the crossing, which meant that they would be occupying the same space.

Maintain vertical distances segments Multi crossing

2. Improved definition and overview of provisions

Ventilation, Piping, Electrical

The angle for a vertical provision has previously been determined automatically. You can now freely define the angle or User Coordinate System for vertical provisions. There is also a new option to not merge provisions in case all provisions within a selection are circular.

Additionally, a new provision manager window allows easier overview of provisions. The window opens when automatic provisions are created and provides users with a list of the created provisions and their details. The manager window can also be opened manually at any time, and it will then show all provisions in drawings connected to the project.

definition overview provisions definition overview provisions Ventilation Piping Electrical

3. Ignore dampers in extended flow analysis report


You can now ignore and restore flow dampers in the extended flow analysis report for ventilation networks and update the balancing calculation accordingly. This makes it easy to check the necessity of individual dampers without editing the project itself.

Ignore dampers extended flow analysis report

4. Manufacturer distribution boxes


You can now insert manufacturer distribution boxes into a MagiCAD for AutoCAD project. Previously, only self-created generic distribution boxes were available.

Manufacturer distribution boxes

5. Detailed radiator valve and thermostat adjustment


New options enable detailed adjustment of radiator valves and thermostats. The radiator valve connection point can be freely selected, whereas the valve was previously always connected to the supply pipe. Additionally, the angles of the radiator valve and thermostat can be freely defined allowing users to adjust the radiator setup according to any situation.

Detailed radiator valve thermostat adjustment-MagiCAD for AutoCAD

6. Change values for multiple building objects simultaneously in MagiCAD Room


It is now possible to change a value for multiple building objects, such as Walls, Windows, Doors, Beams, Columns and Slabs. For example, you can select several Window objects, right-click the U-value column and enter a new U-value that will apply to all selected objects.

Change values multiple building objects simultaneously MagiCAD Room

7. Corrected IFC import of walls in MagiCAD Room


MagiCAD Room IFC import function was sometimes unable to read walls properly, depending on their definition in the IFC file. This caused the IFC import to fail with importing those walls. The issue has now been corrected.

8. Use MagiCAD for AutoCAD to create switchboard schematics for Revit projects


It is now possible to import circuits from MagiCAD for Revit into MagiCAD for AutoCAD in order to create switchboard schematics and then export the data back to the Revit project. To enable this process, Spreadsheet Export and Spreadsheet Import functions have been added to switchboard schematics in MagiCAD for AutoCAD. However, they are only used for importing and exporting circuits.

The Spreadsheet Import function imports all circuits of a selected panel. New circuits are created if needed and existing ones are updated. After the schematic drawing has been edited in MagiCAD for AutoCAD, the data can be transferred back to MagiCAD for Revit with the Spreadsheet Export function.

The new functions allow you to use MagiCAD for AutoCAD to create switchboard schematics for Revit projects.

MagiCAD for AutoCAD create switchboard schematics for Revit projects

9. Flip dimension texts and circuit symbols after changing coordinate systems


Sometimes the coordinate system of a project needs to be changed after you have already placed objects into the model. This can leave dimensions texts and circuit symbols with the wrong orientation. A new Flip Text function allows you to turn them around to fit the new coordinate system.

Flip dimension texts and circuit symbols after changing coordinate systems

10. Improved Automatic Text function


You can now use the Automatic Text function to add automatic dimension texts to any MagiCAD objects, instead of only devices. This allows you to tag many different types of objects at the same time, for example devices, cable routes, and cables. The object selection is done using the object selection filter.

Improved Automatic Text function magicad for autocad

11. Positioning options for automatic texts without reference lines


You can now define the placement and alignment of automatic texts that do not have reference lines. This allows you to position the texts according to the space available. Previously automatic texts without reference lines were always using centre alignment, which meant that long texts would sometimes run over the symbol.

Positioning options for automatic texts without reference lines