MagiCAD Electrical automates many frequently required electrical design tasks on AutoCAD and Revit and can shorten the typical run-through time of electrical design projects by approximately 30-50%.

MagiCAD Electrical integrates fully with the user interface of AutoCAD or Revit software, and brings on top of these platforms a complete set of tools and functions for the electrical design discipline.

MagiCAD brings to Revit technology comprehensive and intelligent cable functions, with wires and supply cable routes which make electrical design more organised and reliable. MagiCAD makes it fast and easy to create switchboard schematics and update the changes to synchronised plan drawings.

MagiCAD Electrical provides you with access to Europe’s largest database of manufacturer-verified MEP product models for Revit and AutoCAD, and at the same time enables the use of native Revit families. Moreover, MagiCAD brings to Revit and AutoCAD an efficient export and import connectivity with the DIALux lighting calculation software.

MagiCAD Electrical is a complete Building Information Modelling solution for the electrical design discipline, providing functions for efficient design coordination and collaboration in both large and small BIM projects, with Certified IFC 2×3 CV2.0 MEP Export and efficient revision management using BIM Collaboration Format BCFzip.

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  • Localised Dataset Templates
    Faster standardising and starting up a new Revit project.
  • Cable Tray & Conduit Drawing Setup
    All-in-one tools for fast configuration of routing preferences for containment modelling
  • Routing tools
    Specifically developed tools for dramatic productivity improvement
  • Product Selection & Installation Tools
    For quickly and accurately selecting the correct product
  • Wire Routing and Handling of Supply Cable Routes
    Configure and draw wire routes in Revit
  • DIALux Import & Export Tool
    Export lighting design from Revit to DIALux, perform lighting calculations and import back to Revit
  • Symbol Organizer Tool
    Enables designers working with 3D models to support also 2D symbols
  • Switchboard Schematics
    Generate switchboard schematics based on circuit connections
  • BIM objects, RFAs and product substitutes
    Use MagiCloud’s electrical BIM objects, native Revit families and configurable product placeholders
  • Revit’s BIM benefits in electrical design
    Revit technology is the platform of choice for BIM projects

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MagiCAD Electrical for Revit webinar 13.3.2018

What’s new in latest releases of MagiCAD Electrical

  • Create Similar
    Save time by replicating existing ducts, pipes, cable trays, conduits or wires with complete data
  • Customisable product placeholders
    Use quick 3D box and cylinder-shaped models as placeholders for products
  • More flexible drawing functions
    Use drawing dialog options when making angle-to-horizontal connections
  • Horizontal crossings
    Fast horizontal crossings during design coordination with automated rerouting
  • Combination boxes
    Use Find & Replace with combination boxes with re-established circuit connections
  • Circuit data and circuit lists
    Define circuit data for preselected circuits in the project and view circuit list with all the symbols used in the schematics

Customer Stories

“The effective integration of BIM and the MagiCAD software within our design and business processes means we are continually improving our high quality engineering consultancy service”

Semple & McKillop

”MagiCAD helps us coordinate our installations with other installations. It has helped us to the point that there are virtually no collisions left in the construction stage”

Eco Konsult

“This is very important to us because we have strict requirements for the product families to ensure that they do not weigh down our performance when working with large project models”

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