The new version offers MEP designers an extensive selection of intelligent new functions on top of Revit and AutoCAD. MagiCAD facilitates BIM workflow and makes Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design faster and easier. MagiCAD 2019 supports the latest Autodesk technologies Revit 2019 and AutoCAD 2019.

The following features focus on MagiCAD 2019 for Revit. For MagiCAD 2019 for AutoCAD new features, click here »

Explore the top features of MagiCAD 2019

MagiCAD Clash Detection – A new tool for live or on-demand clash detection in your entire Revit project

The new MagiCAD Clash Detection tool makes coordination between the different design disciplines easier, faster and more reliable. View video »

Summarise power loads from spaces to switchboards

It is now possible to summarise power loads from spaces to switchboards, enabling accurate evaluation of the power requirements for each switchboard. View video »

Connect air devices to the network using rectangular ducts

The Device Connection Tool now enables you to connect air devices to the network using rectangular ducts. View video »

Extended standards support for domestic hot water calculations

The new version introduces several improvements for calculating domestic hot water circulation flow rates and offers support for domestic water calculations in accordance with DIN 1988.

Update cable packet data more efficiently

Cable diameters and widths can be summarised to evaluate the required cable tray width. The Update Cable Packet tool enables several or even all cable packets in a project to be updated simultaneously.

Select shared parameters for schematics symbols in the dataset

It is now possible to configure the data content of schematic drawings more efficiently by selecting any shared parameters for the schematics symbols and tags already in the dataset.

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Highlights from the MagiCAD 2018 Update Release 3

Create crossings at one go using smart new functions

The next-generation Crossing tool introduces 3 new crossing methods, an improved routing calculation logic and a new user-friendly preview functionality.

Filter and manage Builders Work Openings more efficiently

The Provisions for Builders Work Openings tool now supports improved filtering of content categories and linked MEP and structural elements, and introduces a new version of the Builders Work Openings Manager.

Define your own circuit numbering rules

MagiCAD now allows you to define custom rules in the dataset for circuits numbering. The custom rules can be used with the Manage Circuits function, making circuit numbering flexible and customisable.

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Highlights from the MagiCAD 2018 Update Release 2

Simulate the operation of ventilation systems

MagiCAD introduces new simulation calculations for ventilation systems, enabling analysis of actual flow distribution

Use an extended set of standard connections with rectangular ducts

The extended Standard Connection tool for rectangular ducts facilitates modelling in additional new ways, enabling dramatic time-savings

Install access panels in ventilation projects

MagiCAD enables easy installation and management of access panels as a new product type, needed for a fully modelled ventilation system.

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Highlights from the MagiCAD 2018 Update Release 1

Synchronise symbols in the schematic drawing with the devices in the model

The new MagiCAD Schematics module for Revit provides tools for linking symbols in the schematic drawing with corresponding devices in the model, enabling synchronisation of parameter values between schematics and the model.

Search products from MagiCloud without specifying product category

Using the Product Search button found in the MagiCloud tab in the MagiCAD main menu, or in one of the MagiCAD tabs, you can automatically search specific products without specifying the product category. View video »

Substitute products with quick, customisable 3D shapes

MagiCAD now enables you to quickly define a 3D model for a product which does not exist in the product database by using customisable box and cylinder-shaped models which allow quick customisation.

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