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MagiCAD 2023 for Revit introduces a host of new intelligent tools for MEP design. From calculations across model files, to space-based air terminal design, to new cable layout functions, the powerful new features in MagiCAD 2023 help you improve the speed, efficiency and quality of MEP design work.

MagiCAD 2023 also includes the new features from the previous two update releases and has backward compatibility all the way to Autodesk Revit 2019.

Update to MagiCAD 2023 and start your summer carefree!

Note: MagiCAD 2023 for Revit is currently available for Autodesk Revit 2019-2022. A Revit 2023 compatible version of MagiCAD will be released at a later date. Read more here.

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Feature highlights

Evaluate cable tray filling ratios and cable layouts
New cable layout objects allow you to evaluate cable tray filling ratios and preview their suggested cable layout.

Change pipe series for existing networks
Easily change the pipe series for an existing network by linking the size options between the source and target series through a mapping function that ensures the correct replacement for each item in the series.

Adjust sprinkler pipe sizes directly in the calculation report
Change sprinkler pipe sizes directly in the sprinkler network calculation report and then recalculate with the new pipe sizes.

Automatic cable packet routing
Simply define a start and endpoint and the new tool will draw the cable packet route following the routes of existing cable trays. Also includes multiple routing alternatives and tolerance settings.

Electrical, Schematics
Automatic ELV riser diagrams
Create automatic extra-low voltage riser diagrams with only a few mouse clicks. Freely define the distances between objects and the orientation of the schematic and choose from four types of ELV riser schematics.

One-to-many schematics linking
The new one-to-many linking offers increased flexibility when linking elements in a model with symbols in a schematic drawing.

Accurate duct modelling with new fitting types
New gender types (male/female) for duct fittings remove the need for additional connections and enable new design possibilities.

New Segment Adjust tool
Align existing system segments with millimeter precision. Simply enter distances or an offset and select the elements to be moved.

Customize the running index numbering logic with index areas
Place index areas onto a model and customise the running index numbering logic in them. An index area consists of multiple rows and the running index will proceed according to the rows.