MagiCAD Comfort & Energy

MagiCAD Comfort & Energy for AutoCAD includes MagiCAD Room and RIUSKA, an efficient and versatile comfort and energy simulation application, in one package. MagiCAD Room offers tools for modelling the 3D geometry of the building and defining spaces with design requirements. However, in cases when detailed heating and cooling load calculations or comprehensive energy consumption calculations are required, the energy simulation tool, Riuska, must be added to the software portfolio.

With Riuska, thermal conditions of a building and its spaces can be calculated in different loading and weather conditions. The application is based on many years of development at Granlund and the core of the tool is internationally acclaimed DOE 2.1E simulation program. Riuska can be used for the following tasks:

  • To ensure compliance with the objectives
  • Temperatures of premises in summer and winter
  • Comparison of indoor climate quality levels
  • Comparison of architectural solutions (windows, window protection, façade solutions)
  • Comparison and dimensioning of systems
  • Analysis of problematic spaces
  • Energy consumption of buildings and building systems
  • Projected consumption of maintenance

Riuska takes into account structures, massiveness, local weather, thermal loads, usage hours and so forth. It performs hourly calculations on, for example, annual energy consumption, temperatures in various spaces and their constancy as well as heating and cooling needs.

Intelligent solution for climate control and energy optimisation

Calculations for temperatures of premises in summer and winter

RIUSKA takes into account structures, massiveness, local weather, ther...

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Energy consumption of buildings and building systems

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Import Building Information Model

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Comparison of different solutions

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Ensuring compliance with the objectives

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MagiCAD Comfort & Energy is available for AutoCAD:

MagiCAD Comfort & Energy for AutoCAD: use with AutoCAD and corresponding industry specific products such as Architecture and MEP

Licensing options:

Standalone licenses: node-locked licenses, which allow the Customer to run the Software on a single workstation

Network licenses: licenses that are not tied to a particular workstation, so this method provides a flexible and efficient approach.


With the MagiCAD Maintenance plan you will receive all MagiCAD updates automatically as soon as they are released, making Maintenance the most cost-effective way of managing and updating licenses and software versions within an organisation. Once new updates are available, the customer can choose which updates to install and when to do so.

  • You always have the latest version of MagiCAD automatically.
  • Maintenance is always cheaper than normal updates.
  • Stationary annual payment makes budgeting easier.
  • A Maintenance plan can be signed for one, two or three years at a time, with discounts for two-year and three-year plans

10 reasons to invest in MagiCAD Maintenance

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