MagiCAD Object Enabler

A free module for accessing technical data without MagiCAD for AutoCAD

The MagiCAD Object Enabler module allows you to access technical data included in intelligent MagiCAD product models and other information included in .dwg files. The module is free does not require a MagiCAD license or the installation of MagiCAD software.

Developers, construction entrepreneurs, construction engineers and architects don’t have to settle for drawings consisting only of symbols and lines. MagiCAD Object Enabler allows all the different project parties to access and use the technical data that is included in MagiCAD for AutoCAD drawings for air devices, valves, water posts, duct systems, sprinkler systems, and other objects.

Using MagiCAD Object Enabler with AutoCAD

You can use the AutoCAD functions STRETCH, MOVE and ERASE to edit drawings and easily switch the presentation mode to a single-lined, 2D or 3D model. MagiCAD Object Enabler also allows you to convert MagiCAD 3D object models to AutoCAD objects, making them easy to edit with AutoCAD.

MagiCAD Object Enabler is compatible with AutoCAD versions 2017-2021, as well as the corresponding versions of AutoCAD Architecture.

Download MagiCAD Object Enabler

Download the application free of charge »

Note: If you already have MagiCAD installed on your workstation, then there is no need to install MagiCAD Object Enabler. Installing MagiCAD Object Enabler requires system admin access rights to the workstation. If you already have an earlier version of MagiCAD Object Enabler installed, it needs to be uninstalled before installing the new version.

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