MagiCreate is a complementary software for creating custom MEP product libraries for MagiCAD for Revit & AutoCAD.

MagiCreate enables you to model a comprehensive set of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing products using easy-to-use modelling functions. If you need to use specific products which are not part of our ready-made selection of over 1,000,000 manufacturer-specific product models, you can download and install MagiCreate and begin modelling.

MagiCreate be downloaded free-of-charge directly from the MagiCAD user interface using the Plugin Manager function or from the MagiCAD Download Portal. You can open MagiCreate from the desktop or from the MagiCAD user interface.

Modelling with MagiCreate is easy because you can define custom products by editing the dimensions and technical properties of MagiCAD’s existing generic product databases. You can create additional databases for MagiCAD according to your project needs and edit the properties of the new products and product variants.

Familiarise yourself with MagiCreate by watching this video tutorial


Change physical 3D geometry

You can edit the physical dimensions and 3D geometry of each product v...

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Change basic product data

You can edit basic product data for each product and each product vari...

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Edit technical parameters of the product variants

You can add and edit technical and functional properties in each produ...

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Create new products by selecting a generic product as template

You can create new products to the database by selecting existing gene...

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Create new products and databases

You can create new product databases for both MagiCAD for Revit and Ma...

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