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New MagiCAD Schematics module for AutoCAD

We have launched a brand new schematic design module MagiCAD Schematics, offering easy and highly efficient creation of schematic diagrams on AutoCAD technology. MagiCAD Schematics reworks and improves what was previously available as the MagiCAD System Designer module, and offers powerful drafting functionalities with a wide range of readymade localised symbols and easy-to-use tools for creating your own symbols. Moreover, MagiCAD Schematics enables synchronisation and data sharing between the schematic drawings and the Ventilation & Piping project. You can create schematic drawings, link symbols in the schematic drawing with the corresponding devices in the project, and synchronise parameter values between the symbol and the device. The same system information is available with both MagiCAD Schematics and MagiCAD Ventilation & Piping, allowing you to define systems earlier in the project when creating schematic drawings and then utilise the same system information when modelling the network. When the schematic drawings are synchronized with the model, it is possible to ensure that the information remains consistent and up to date during the project in diagrams, plan drawings, schedules etc.

1. Use Ventilation & Piping system definitions in MagiCAD Schematics

MagiCAD enables a connection between the MagiCAD Ventilation & Piping project and the schematic drawings created with MagiCAD Schematics. Once the schematic drawing is connected with the project, the same system information is available with both tools. This makes it possible to define systems earlier in the project when creating schematic drawings and then utilise the same system information when modelling the network. When the system information is stored in one place, it stays up to date in both schematic drawings and the plan drawings when changes are made during the project. MagiCAD Ventilation & Piping system information can be accessed through the symbols and lines added to the schematic drawings, making it possible for example to tag system temperatures directly to the schematic drawing.

2. Synchronise property values between the Ventilation & Piping model and MagiCAD Schematics diagrams

MagiCAD enables you to connect the schematic drawings from MagiCAD Schematics with the Ventilation & Piping project by linking a symbol in the schematic drawing to the corresponding device in the model. When the schematic drawings and the model are linked, property values can be synchronised between symbols and devices, securing that the information stays up to date throughout the project in diagrams, plan drawings, schedules, etc. You can configure and select the properties to be synchronised and also define the direction of the flow of information, either from the schematic drawing to the model, or vice versa.

3. Edit object properties in MagiCAD Schematics more efficiently

The enhanced Change Properties tool allows you to edit more object properties than before, including line colour, line type, Ventilation & Piping system, etc., and apply the changes to multiple objects or even the entire network at the same time. This dramatically reduces repetitive work as changes can be applied to multiple objects instead of editing objects one by one.

MagiCAD 2018 Update Release 1 — Other New Features

1. Search products from MagiCloud without specifying product category

[Ventilation & Piping, Electrical]
Using the Search Products button found in the MagiCloud tab in the ribbon, you can automatically search specific products without specifying the product category. This streamlines the product search process dramatically, and makes it more intuitive also for new users of MagiCAD and MagiCloud, as the product category may not always be known beforehand. When searching for e.g. an expansion vessel, MagiCAD will retrieve and display all the expansion vessels. When you find and select a specific product, MagiCAD will automatically install the product into the correct product category in the MagiCAD project.

2. Highlight errors in calculation reports and analyse the index route

[Ventilation and Piping]
MagiCAD’s calculation reports now automatically highlight in red the rows which contain errors or warnings making them easy to find. It is easy to jump from error or warning to another using the “Next” / “Previous” buttons below the report. It is now also possible to view only the index route in the report.

3. Modify the building and site information included in IFC models

[Ventilation and Piping, Electrical]
MagiCAD Ventilation & Piping and Electrical now enable you to access and edit in Project Settings the building and site information which will be included in the exported IFC model. The building and site information can be imported from an existing MagiCAD Room project file or from an IFC model. Project-specific naming is a common requirement in BIM projects especially in the Nordic countries, where IFC models are used widely for design coordination.

4. Select and filter the content for IFC export more accurately

The new IFC Export options “Do not export frozen/turned-off layers” and “Export only products which have 3D symbols” enhance further your possibility to select and filter the content that is exported, and make it easy for you to ensure that the file is exported correctly. The first option allows you to select whether objects from frozen or turned-off layers should be included in the exported content. The second option will prevent anything from being exported from the products which do not have a 3D symbol defined.

5. Use enhanced storey information as part of Object IDs

[Ventilation and Piping, Electrical, Room (only additional storey parameters)]
With the new options, it is possible to use Storey Name and Selection Area Name as part of Object IDs when defining position codes for devices. This provides more flexibility when formatting position codes. There are now also more available variables in the information stored with each storey definition. The new variables can be used with all the relevant MagiCAD functions including Object IDs.

6. Show more information in switchboard schematics

In switchboard schematics, you can now insert 1-3 separate properties into each cell in the schematic, enabling the switchboard schematics to contain more information which is synchronised for updates based on the circuits. When up to three properties can be displayed on different rows of one cell, it is possible to fit much more information into the schematic. You can also define the number of displayed rows for each column in horizontal schematics.

7. Configure Product List columns in Project Management

It is now possible to customise the visibility of Product List columns in Project Management and thus select which properties are displayed in the Product List. It is also possible to select multiple rows and for example delete multiple products, or change values in a particular column for several products at the same time.

8. Rotate devices efficiently during Product Installation

There is a new tool for quick rotation of devices when inserting products into the project. The “Quick rotate” command rotates the device symbol 90 degrees counter-clockwise from the current orientation. This makes it faster and easier to install e.g. sockets on walls since the symbol can be rotated at 90-degree intervals.

9. Show secondary connections and create control cable reports with MagiCAD Circuit Designer

[Circuit designer]
MagiCAD Circuit Designer now enables you to select whether control cables’ secondary connections are shown. It is also possible to generate a report based on one or more control cables, making it easy to check that all the information is correct and to see which control cable has free conductors. The report can be printed or copied to e.g. Excel format.