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MagiCAD 2018 Update Release 2

1. Simulate the operation of ventilation systems

[Ventilation & Piping]
MagiCAD introduces new simulation calculations for ventilation systems, enabling analysis of actual flow distribution. Simulation calculations make it easy to perform reliable calculations for checking how the system will distribute air based on different fan settings and damper positions.

2. Connect devices and switchboards using area selection and system-based filtering

The improvements make it easier to connect data devices to a host and also provide new filtering options for connecting devices from only the selected systems. The new Host Area function enables data devices to be connected with the same kind of automated functionality that has been previously available with the Switchboard Area function for electrical devices. All completed circuits, as well as all data devices with the Host by Area option enabled, will be connected to the host automatically. The new Systems filter for both Switchboard Area and Host Area functions enables you to select systems which are relevant for the selected area, and connect only the devices from the selected systems to the switchboard or host.

3. Visualise insulated pipes and ducts in single line presentation

[Ventilation & Piping]
MagiCAD now enables insulated ducts and pipes to be visualised with a user-configurable line type in single line presentation. When changing the view mode to single line presentation, MagiCAD will automatically display the line representing insulation. In addition to plan drawings, the insulated pipes and ducts will be visualised also in axonometric drawings generated with MagiCAD.

4. Add configurable beams and columns with MagiCAD Room

MagiCAD Room offers new user-friendly tools for modelling beams and columns in varying lengths. The shapes and dimensions of the beams and columns are stored in the project. When adding beams and columns to the model, you can either define a fixed length for the elements, or define the length when modelling each beam or column.