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MagiCAD 2018 Update Release 3

1. New product class: LED stripes

The new product class enables the use of LED stripes in projects. The power required by the stripes is automatically calculated based on the length of the stripe. In practice, the stripes are drawn in the same way as cable trays but their attributes resemble those of luminaires. Bills of Materials will include the length of each type of stripe used in the project.

2. Calculate the time to reach Hot Water Design Temperature

MagiCAD calculates the time to reach Hot Water Design Temperature at each tap. You can check that the circulation water pipes are correctly designed and that hot water is available from all the taps within a reasonable time.

3. Calculate multiple design areas and systems simultaneously in sprinkler design

The new calculation option speeds up the sprinkler design process by allowing you to select multiple design areas and systems and perform the calculation on all of them simultaneously. In sprinkler networks, there are usually several systems which are connected to the main system. When using the new Network option for sprinkler calculations, all connected systems can be calculated at the same time. When the calculation is performed on several design areas, you can review the most and least demanding areas quickly by simply selecting the design area you want to investigate from the calculation report.

4. Replicate text object settings with Create Similar

The Create Similar function enables fast replication of existing text objects with complete settings. All you need to do is click the Create Similar button in the ribbon or use the Create Similar grip when the object is selected, and a new text object will be created with all the relevant properties and settings copied from the selected object. You do not need to define the properties separately for the new object, which makes replicating objects more efficient.

5. Rotate symbols efficiently when adding symbols to drawings

The new Quick Rotate tool enables symbols to be rotated in 90 degrees, making it faster to add symbols to drawings. The Quick Rotate command rotates the symbol 90 degrees counter-clockwise from the current orientation. This makes it faster and easier to insert e.g. device symbols that are not connected to existing lines in the diagram.

6. Store and deliver non-model drawings as part of projects

It is now possible to include schematics or non-model DWG files in project deliveries. Purge Project now checks all non-model drawings but will not remove products that are in use in schematics or non-model drawings. All non-model drawings can be found easily in the Other Drawings section. When delivering the project using the Transmit Project function, the drawings listed in the Other Drawings section can be included in the delivery.

7. Update circuit number to all cables

It is now possible to use the Update DWG function to update circuit number to all cables based on the circuits they are connected to, enabling more accurate measurement of cable lengths. This will update both the switchboard / host information and the circuit number to all cables. The circuit number will enable, for example, cable lengths to be displayed by circuit in Bills of Materials. Moreover, it is now possible to use switchboard / host codes and circuit numbers as part of Object IDs.