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MagiCAD 2019 includes all of the new features and improvements from previous MagiCAD releases. Please see also the feature highlights from the latest MagiCAD 2018 UR-1, UR-2 and UR-3 releases.


1. Support for Autodesk AutoCAD 2019

MagiCAD 2019 is compatible with the new AutoCAD 2019, as well as with the previous four AutoCAD versions 2015-2018, including verticals AutoCAD MEP and AutoCAD Architecture.

2. Define a value range and validity settings for Running Index

The enhanced Running Index tool allows the user to define a value range and validity settings, enabling only the valid devices to be indexed from a group of selected devices. For example, if you define a value range of “1 to 24” and set “data sockets” as the validity condition, the numbers from 1 to 24 can only be used for indexing data sockets. If the defined value range is exceeded, MagiCAD will notify the user to change the defined Running Index format. Validity can be set based on power and communication devices, and even cables.

The new time-saving Running Index option, Between, enables all objects from a user-selected part of the circuit to be indexed. All you need to do is select the first and the last devices to be indexed along the circuit, and the function will automatically index all devices between the selected start and end points based on the rules defined in the validity settings. With this new option, the user can index for example all devices along a fire alarm loop with a couple of mouse clicks.

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3. Calculate number of devices and the longest branch in LV and ELV circuits

It is now possible to calculate the number of devices and the longest branch length in low-voltage (LV) and extra-low voltage (ELV) circuits. Each circuit contains the data on the number of devices belonging to the circuit, enabling the user to easily check that the circuit does not include too many devices. The data can be updated using the Update Drawing Data function.
The longest branch length can be calculated also in communication, data and building automation circuits. The longest branch length is stored in circuit information. The length value can be either calculated automatically based on the wire lengths in the drawing or defined manually by the user.

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4. Upgraded Change Properties tool

[Ventilation and Piping, Electrical]
The upgraded Change Properties tool enables you to change multiple properties simultaneously, filter objects more efficiently and select properties faster using free text search. The tool also introduces a tree view for selecting which property values to change. The enhanced filtering options enable objects in the drawing to be filtered based on, for example, duct or pipe series. Finding the right property in the list of available properties is made faster by free text search: when you start writing a property name, MagiCAD will suggest suitable properties to select from. The tool also introduces the possibility to inherit property values from existing objects in the drawing. With these enhancements, the upgraded Change Properties tool makes it easy and convenient to process the entire drawing at once without the need to re-open the tool.

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5. Define custom hazard classes for sprinkler systems

[Ventilation and Piping]
MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer enables you to define custom hazard classes for sprinkler systems. When creating design areas, the user-defined hazard classes can be selected in the same way as pre-defined CEA 4001 hazard classes. The selected hazard class will also be shown in the calculation report.

6. Use connection nodes in circuit design

[Circuit Designer]
MagiCAD Circuit Designer now enables you to continue a conductor from one page to another using the new Connection Node function. It is easy to establish connection references between pages without spending time on making extra adjustments. The installation function is intuitive and easy to use: you can just click in the proximity of an end point of a conductor and the node snaps automatically to the correct position.

7. Hide underlying objects behind dimension texts

[Ventilation and Piping, Electrical, Schematics]
It is now possible to hide underlying objects behind dimension texts, making it easier to produce readable plan drawings. This includes objects from both the active drawing and the underlying referenced drawings. The new Add Wipeout Frames will add an AutoCAD Wipeout Object around the selected dimension text objects in the drawing, and mask any objects underlying the dimension texts using the current background color. Just as with MagiCAD’s hide command, there is an option to add wipeout frames automatically every time when saving the drawing, making it easier to keep the drawings readable.