MagiCAD for Revit – Core Module Demonstrations

Date Name of the webinar Duration
21.08.2020 Supports & Hangers Module Overview 05:12
10.06.2020 Piping Module Overview 28:02
10.06.2020 Ventilation Module Overview 25:06
05.06.2020 Electrical Module Overview 26:56
10.10.2017 Schematics Module (Quick Overview) 11:03
14.09.2017 Sprinker Designer Module (Quick Overview) 21:02

MagiCAD for Revit – Consultative Webinars

Date Name of the webinar Duration
26.2.2020 Design Roles and Workflows for Digital Engineering 25:53

MagiCAD for Revit – Feature focused Webinar Demonstrations

Date Name of the webinar Duration
13.05.2020 Feature: MagiCAD for Revit – Revit Enhancement Tools 19:12
24.04.2020 Feature: MagiCAD Create Tool, Workflow, Highlights and Benefits 26:39
20.01.2020 Feature: Builderswork Tool Workflow and Common Tools Highlights 38:53
17.10.2019 Feature: Designing with Data rich BIM Objects using MagiCAD Object Library and MagiCAD Create 23:50
16.10.2019 Feature: HVAC Calculations 26:42
15.10.2019 Feature: Ventilation & Piping – Modelling & Productivity Tools 30:07
23.09.2019 Feature: Sprinkler Modelling Tools and Design Calculations 25:56
30.08.2019 Feature: Injecting Revit Families with Customised Parameters (IFC or COBie) using MagiCAD Properties Tool 17:33
31.05.2019 Feature: Progressing from Mechanical Concept Design to Detailed Design 17:00
20.05.2019 Feature: Progressing from Electrical Concept Design to Detailed Design 38:32
13.05.2019 Feature: Early Stage Mechanical Design 22:05
29.04.2019 Feature: Ventilation – Simplified and user-defined pressure drop calculations 19:49
15.03.2019 Feature: Piping – Domestic Water Sizing and Balancing Calculations 18:11
11.03.2019 Feature: Electrical – Early Stage Design 33:20
25.02.2019 Feature: Ventilation – Duct Sizing and Balancing Calculations 18:08
28.01.2019 Feature: Piping – Heating/Cooling Sizing and Balance Calculations 18:49
11.01.2019 Feature: Common Tools – Module Highlights 35:45
18.12.2018 Feature: UK Standards & Localisation 14:33
7.12.2018 Feature: Dialux Export/Import 13:24
13.11.2018 Feature: Electrical Calculations 17:20
15.08.2018 Feature: Real Time Clash Detection 14:51
25.07.2018 Feature: Electrical Services – Connecting Spaces to Switchboards 12:43
13.06.2018 Feature: Improved Builderswork Tool and Workflow 14:30
04.06.2018 Feature: Advanced Coordination Tools to Save Time Modelling MEP Services 28:43
17.05.2018 Feature: Domestic Water Calculations to UK Standards 17:29
03.05.2018 Feature: Extended Flow Analysis in Ventilation System 14:16
22.03.2018 Feature: Content Creation – Using MagiCreate to produce Revit Content 25:22
08.03.2018 Feature: Getting Started & Project Setup 31:20
22.02.2018 Feature: Supports & Hangers Advanced Use for site installation and manufacture 14:39
10.01.2018 Feature: Creating Schematics in Revit & Linking to Model Components 20:24
30.08.2018 Feature: Sprinkler Modelling Tools & Design Calculations 21:46
31.05.2017 Feature: Supports & Hangers Module Overview 21:08
15.06.2017 Feature: Quality Assurance in MEP Design 15:17
07.02.2017 Feature: Utilising Plugins, including AHUs & indoor climate control products 19:55
08.11.2016 Feature: MagiCreate Tool for creating data-rich MEP content in detail 17:34
22.11.2016 Feature: Device Connection Tools for Piping & Ventilation systems in detail 17:31
03.08.2017 Feature: Create 2D Outputs Quickly & Easily 25:15
13.10.2016 Feature: Spreadsheet Import / Export Tool in detail 20:18
13.09.2016 Feature: Builders Work Tool in detail 20:51
12.04.2017 Feature: Common & General Revit Productivity tools 29:20
22.08.2017 Feature: Progressing Electrical Concept Design to Detail Design with MagiCAD 26:39
06.07.2017 Feature: Using MagiCAD for Electrical Early Stage Design 19:56
27.09.2016 Feature: Dialux Revit Interface for Lighting Design in detail 14:41
06.12.2016 Feature: Use of Cable Packets in Electrical Circuiting in detail 12:24
17.05.2017 Feature: Electrical Circuiting & Wiring 21:01
07.03.2017 Feature: Using MagiCAD for early stage Concept Design & other Applications 22:52
03.05.2017 Feature: Drainage Design & Calculations to UK Standards 21:17
24.01.2017 Feature: Domestic Water Services Design to UK Standards in detail 23:23
10.01.2017 Feature: Piping Heating & Cooling Sizing Balancing Calculations 20:58
20.12.2016 Feature: Ventilation Sizing & Balancing Calculations in detail 22:35

MagiCAD for Revit - "How-to" Sessions

General information about our webinars

Our free-of-charge sales-based MagiCAD software demonstrations can easily be accessed to provide a fast information sharing channel to learn more about the different software modules available within our MagiCAD software product portfolio. The following set of previously recorded webinar sessions are intended to assist companies in their purchasing process.

The purpose of each technical demonstration is to educate the attendees about the principal features of a particular MagiCAD module, or in some instances, to explore the capabilities of an individual tool to a much higher level of detail. Each web-based session is live and conducted by member of our experienced team of knowledgeable MEP technical support engineers.

Feel free to watch any of the sessions on offer in order to focus on an overview of an individual feature or to view a set of features contained within an individual MagiCAD software module. Setup, configuration and the fundamentals of using the product are not covered. An appropriate MagiCAD software training package is purchased when investing in our solution.

In addition to our MagiCAD software demonstrations, we also offer online sessions dedicated to manufacturer customers who are interested to learn more about our MagiCAD Cloud service portfolio.

The following Recorded Webinar sessions are NOT training material
Setup and advanced configuration of the software is NOT shown
Sessions are intended as marketing material ONLY

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