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Domestic Sprinklers was established by Colin Taylor in 2000 as a specialist fire sprinkler company to work in the residential and domestic sprinkler market. Domestic Sprinklers was among the original pioneers in popularising sprinklers in the UK residential and domestic sector, since the market was in the first years of the company still largely non-existent. By the end of 2004, the company had already completed 1500 installations into domestic homes, and today, they are the oldest and largest residential and domestic sprinkler design and installation company in the UK. The company has FIRAS certification for level 4 installations up to Ordinary Hazard.

“In 2013, we switched to using MagiCAD because it was the only progressive software available for sprinkler design that was keeping up with the industry. Besides MagiCAD, there is no other program that covers the UK standards as fully and is updated so regularly to meet changes”, comments Managing Director Colin Taylor from Domestic Sprinklers.

The Solution

From 2013, Domestic Sprinklers have used MagiCAD Piping and MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer modules on AutoCAD and Revit MEP software.

“MagiCAD cuts our design time by 50% as we only have to do the designs once. MagiCAD integrates seamlessly with AutoCAD and Revit MEP, offering a single, unified design process which includes also calculations”, Colin says.

“Before, when we were still using a competing solution, we had to first complete a design and then run a separate calculation program. With MagiCAD, the calculations are instantaneous and integrated throughout the design process. When we change pipe routing, MagiCAD quickly updates the calculations, which saves money and enables us to find the most optimal route”, continues Colin.

“For example, in a residential luxury housing project on Banks Road in Christchurch, Dorset, we worked on a 4-storey block of apartments where there were a number of choices of pipework sizes and routing, incorporating over 20 revisions to the plans. With MagiCAD, the alterations were simple. We were able to quickly confirm the requirements, alterations and the changes made to the water source”, Colin concludes.


Domestic Sprinklers carried out sprinkler design for Colmar Construction’s 1200-square-meter residential luxury housing project on Banks Road in Christchurch, Dorset.


“MagiCAD cuts our design time by 50% as we only have to do the designs once.”

Footnote EN

In January 2019 we unified our brand under MagiCAD. Progman Oy and our subsidiary companies CADCOM AB and Progman Software UK Ltd, were renamed to MagiCAD Group. In addition to this, MagiCloud was renamed to MagiCAD Cloud.