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MEP product configurators bringing your product offering to the next level

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designers, like all of us, are used to utilizing online selection tools in their everyday lives and expect nothing less at work. Have you looked at how, for example, car manufacturers highlight the newest car models today? End-users can go to a website and use a configurator to select the car model, engine type, transmission, exterior paint, wheels and rims, interior details, and many other accessories. The modern online configurator will show exactly how their dream car will look like, both in exterior and interior. The users feel so confident about their selection after utilizing the manufacturer’s product configurator, that some might even purchase the car online, bypassing the physical dealership completely.

In an equivalent way, an online selection tool provided by a MEP manufacturer allows the designers to digitally configure a product for their project and feel confident about using it.

Remain relevant with MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools

All selection tools add value to the customer, but MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools are built on top of MagiCAD Cloud. This means that they are BIM ready and scalable. Products that have been configured in the MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool can be utilized in a design phase, in BIM version of the building, thus greatly increasing the chances of physical products being used in the construction project.

The MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools are web applications that help users to select and configure products for their projects. For example, the tool can suggest the correct product based on the user input. It can also configure or calculate the correct product measures. Once the desired product has been configured, it can be inserted directly into the MagiCAD or Revit project as a BIM object with correct technical information. For a manufacturer, the configurator’s real connectedness to BIM takes their product offering a step further in digitalization.

The MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools are a simple and straightforward way of presenting complex MEP products. Product logic in our tools is always tailored for each manufacturer’s products, but software development is based on our existing components. Think of it like a prefabricated house. You will get the home of your dreams, but the building process is efficient and stress-free.

How are you presenting your product offering to the end users? Could our software development expertise be beneficial for you?


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  • Efficiently handle tailor made products
  • Reach the end users organically – solve their problems of complex product selection
  • Promote even the most complex products in a simple and clear way
  • Present additional products
  • Gain visibility among designers in the MagiCAD and MagiCAD Cloud ecosystem
  • Powerful selection tool engine
  • 3D geometry support for all modern browsers, MagiCAD & Revit
  • Technology to show diagrams & graphs in the browser – pressure drop, sound data diagrams and more
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Existing integration to MagiCAD & Revit
  • DXF/Image export
  • Possibility for product specific calculations

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