Manufacturer Apps for MEP Manufacturers

MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools and Plugins with built-in BIM compatibility

Manufacturer Apps for MEP manufacturers consists of MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools and Plugins. The MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools are for quick and easy product configuration with built-in BIM compatibility. The MagiCAD Plugins are for integrating existing configurator tools into a BIM design software such as Revit. For MEP manufacturers, the value in product configurators and plugins is increased usage and visibility of products.

Developing Manufacturer Apps is one of our core services for MEP manufacturers. We have developed over 65 MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools and Plugins for more than 20 different manufacturers. Our Manufacturer Apps are always tailored for MEP manufacturer’s specific products, but our experienced team and streamlined processes make the app development easy for you. Contact Manufacturer Services for further information about Manufacturer Apps, or take a look at our previously developed MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools and Plugins below.

MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tools

MagiCAD Cloud is an optimal platform for building easy-to-use BIM product selection tools cost-effectively as it is directly connected to MagiCAD and Revit.
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MagiCAD Plugins

Do you already have selection software you want to integrate to the BIM design process? A dedicated plugin builds a bridge between your existing selection and calculation software and Revit and MagiCAD.
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Manufacturer Hub

Manufacturer Hub is gives you access to your Manufacturer Apps statistics. It includes both MagiCAD Selection Tools and Plugin statistics. If you are our existing customers and don’t have access to the Manufacturer Hub, please contact us for login details.
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