Recair has manufactured air handling units since 1993 and is a part of the Indutrade Group.

As of 1.9.2011 Enervent Pro range has been acquired by Recair. Enervent Pro range is now known as Recair Smart. Recair units that were manufactured before the acquisition are Recair Modular.

Recair air handling units can be dimensioned and selected with selection software.



Recair Smart units can be selected with Air Designer for Recair Smart download here (English, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Estonian)

Software version 2011.10 has also MagiCAD connection with possibility to add and update Recair air handling units into MagiCAD projects.

32-bit MagiCAD connection is included in Air Designer for Recair Smart 2011.10 installation.
64-bit MagiCAD connection requires separate installation.

Download 64-bit MagiCAD connection




Recair Modular units can be selected with Recair Modular-selection software download here (English, Swedish, Russian, Finnish)


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